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Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watches

Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watches

We have previously visited the idea of vegan watches on our blog, especially from watch brands such as WeWood. However, with the brand Olivia Burton new to our stock we thought we would take a look at Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watches. If you have taken a look at our previous post on the history of Olivia Burton, you may already know that they are a floral, feminine and vintage watch brand that debuted their first watch collection back in 2012. Since then, Olivia Burton has become a very popular accessory brand, designing and creating numerous collections such as ‘The Bee Trend’ and ‘Under the Sea’.

Veganism is a lifestyle that has become increasingly popular over the last two years especially. Not only are big restaurant chains embracing the lifestyle but clothing companies such as Dr Martains and Killstar. Olivia Burton is an example of an accessory brand also embracing the lifestyle, not only are their timepieces inspired by the vintage fashion style but also inspired by nature. If you are taking on a vegan lifestyle and are also searching for the perfect accessory to compliment your attire then here are Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watches.

Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watches: Floral

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Artisan | Vegan Chalk Blue Strap

Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watches

For those living a vegan lifestyle that also wants to be part of the recent fashion trends, this is the timepiece we would recommend to you. Powder blue is one of the on-trend colours this 2019 with other pastel colours. The powder blue strap is combined with a white dial with a blue floral pattern. This watch is smart and sophisticated and well suited to both casual and formal occasions. We would suggest combining this watch with other powder blue accessories within your wardrobe for a look that stands out.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Floral Dial | Vegan Rose Sand Strap

Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watches

This is an undoubtedly beautiful rose gold watch which will certainly catch the eye of friends and peers. It is the finer details that count, the crossover pattern on the dial is what caught our eye. This design allures a sleek and sophisticated individual looking for a fine accessory to complete their formal attire. As this watch is all rose gold, it would be well styled with other rose gold pieces of jewellery for a coordinated and stylish look.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | After Dark Floral | Vegan Nude Strap

floral nude

The next vegan watch we sell by Olivia Burton is this dark floral watch. This watch displays overall neutral tones of black and nude which means it can be combined with a number of different looks within your wardrobe. As it comes with a vegan nude leather strap we think it would look good styled with other nude accessories such as bags, shoes, belts and more for a look that really stands out. As this is a watch that is highly adaptable it would also be suited to both formal occasions and casual days out.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Terrazzo Florals | Grey Vegan Leather

grey floral

Grey is a colour that is easily overlooked, however, it is actually a powerful accessory to have within your watch collection. This vegan leather watch displays a beautiful grey floral dial and grey strap to match. For a coordinated everyday look, we would recommend styling this timepiece with other grey accessories such as belts, bags, shoes and more.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Terrazzo Florals | Grey Vegan Leather Strap

This is another grey timepiece crafted by Olivia Burton which is new to their collection this season. The grey tones of the strap and dial match the cool of the seasons ahead. As grey is a neutral colour, it can be combined with a range of different fashion looks and colours. We would highly recommend this watch to those that are looking for a smart and understated accessory for everyday wear.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Enchanted Garden | Vegan Grey Leather Strap

Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watches

This is a light grey and white timepiece which comes with a beautiful floral pattern across the dial. The floral pattern is colourful and energising bringing intricate features of spring to your autumn and winter wardrobe. This understated watch is suited to those looking to add a little sprinkle of colour into their everyday attire whether it is for formal or informal occasions.

Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watches: Inspired by Wildlife

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Woodland Bunny | Vegan Black Strap

Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watches

If fashion is not a priority for you and you are rather looking for a timepiece that compliments your overall style then we have picked out timepieces designed with nature in mind. The overall colour scheme of the watch is neutral, styling a vegan leather strap with an all-white dial. This means it is an adaptable accessory that can be worn with a number of different colours within your wardrobe. The dial of the watch is of course what stands out as it features a black and white bunny, designed with nature in mind.

Olivia Burton | Womens | British Blooms | 3D Bee | Vegan Rose Strap

the trending bees

The next watch that we sell from Olivia Burton’s Vegan watches is this gorgeous model which is straight from their ‘Trending Bee’ collection. This watch has been intricately designed and represents the features of spring and summer beautifully. It is the perfect timepiece for those that love the bee-themed products from Olivia Burton but would rather have the vegan version.

Olivia Burton | 3D Bee Charity Watch | Vegan Tan Leather |Gold Bee Motif

3D Charity watch

If you are loving the bee-themed timepieces crafted by Olivia Burton then you are going to love this next model. This watch shows off a 3D design surround by a honeycomb shape. The unique design of this watch is not the only thing that is special, it is also the incentive behind its creation. For every model that is purchased, £30 goes towards the British Bee Keepers Association, to help the declining population of bees across the UK. This classically styled watch is well suited for those seeking a vegan timepiece that truly makes a difference.

Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watches: Simple Style

Olivia Burton | Womens | The Wishing Watch | Vegan Nude Strap

The wishing watch Nude

Nude is an understated neutral colour that can be a powerful weapon within your everyday wardrobe. Its neutral tone means that it can be combined with a number of different colours. This particular model comes from Olivia Burton’s ‘The Wishing Watch’ Collection. The main feature of this watch is the Swarovski crystals which make the markers of this watch. If you love to sparkle, we would recommend styling this vegan model with other sparkly accessories for a look that really stands out.

Olivia Burton | Womens | The Wishing Watch | Vegan Chalk Blue Strap

If you like the look of the previous model but prefer accessories with a little colour then this is the watch we would recommend. It is similar to the watch mentioned above, however, it comes with a chalk blue strap. As with the first vegan watch we recommended in this post, pastel colours are on trend this year meaning this watch is perfect for those who want an up to date accessory.

Olivia Burton Women’s Vegan-Friendly Gold Plated Nude Strap

Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watches

If simplicity is a style that you strive for within your vegan wardrobe then this gold and nude coloured watch is the one for you. The neutral tones of the vegan leather strap would look stunning combined with other nude accessories and would be perfect for everyday wear. The gold case of this watch means that you can pair this watch with pieces of gold jewellery for co-ordinated and stylish daily attire.

Olivia Burton Women’s Vegan-Friendly Big Dial Gold And Grey

Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watches

If you like the look of the model previously mentioned but would prefer a different shade to nude then this grey vegan leather strap might catch you eye. The grey strap is combined with rose gold for an overall classic and sophisticated look that would look good with work and daily attire. Not only is this a beautifully simple watch but also an affordable price.

Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watches: Winter Sparkle

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Glitter Dial | Vegan Leather Strap

glitter dial

You either love or hate glitter, there is no middle ground. If you happen to be vegan and also love glitter then this is the watch for you. The central focus of this watch is the glitter dial which is combined with a light grey strap. This is a simple yet tasteful watch that would be perfect for those looking to add a touch of sparkle to their everyday attire.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Celestial | Vegan London Grey Strap

Celestial inspired

If you have made it this far then you may have noticed that Olivia Burton’s new collection has featured grey frequently. This neutral colour is perfect for those that strive for a subtle yet elegant everyday look. The main features of this particular grey vegan watch is the celestial-inspired dial. Celestial inspired watches and jewellery are increasingly popular this year so this watch will keep you right on-trend.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Winter Wonderland | Stag | Vegan Leather Strap

winter wonderland

If you like to dress with the seasons then this breathtaking watch may just pique your interest. This is one of Olivia Burton’s newer releases and is part of their Winter Wonderland collection. The dial features snowflakes, evergreen trees in a crisp white as well as a stag at the 6 o’clock mark on the dial. Not only would this make a perfect accessory for your winter wardrobe but would also make a fitting Christmas present!

What are your thoughts on Olivia Burton’s Vegan Watches? Let us know in the comments below!

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