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A Triwa Watch With A Comb-Over?

Triwa Watch

Each Triwa watch is created in an effort to change to attitudes in the watch industry that the brands four founders thought was too focused on status and tradition. The purpose of the Triwa brand was to transform the watch into a modern style symbol through a combination of classic silhouettes and contemporary Scandinavian simplicity. A small team of only 30 people, based in a studio in central Stockholm, this is a dedicated and passionate company who produce watches they would only wear themselves.

With this in mind, you may not see any link between the Swedish brand and American politics, but the link is there! It was back in spring of this year, when Triwa announced the release of this watch, as an April Fools joke. However, the reception of the watch was so huge and positive, that Triwa have now decided to release the watch officially. The response from consumers was that they would genuinely like to own this watch, so Triwa decided to make it possible.

The Triwa watch with a comb-over!

The watch in question comes with quite the unique dial, that features a man and a comb-over, very much resembling the president of the United States, Donald Trump! Since Trump got in to the oval office there have been people all over the world creating tributes and ‘mickey-takes’ of the president, which of those this is, is down to your own opinion!

As we said, this limited edition Triwa Watch is a limited edition model that was conceived as an April Fool’s Day joke, that is now going to be real! After the success of the prank this model was granted it’s production. The Triwa social media team told the world that if they received 100 orders within the next two weeks they would make the watch a reality. Not only have they now sold over 100 of this model, but the number is closing in on 1000! Most definitely a great decision from the social media team! This model is now the fastest selling model in the companies history, a true stroke of genius!

“We weren’t expecting any commercial power,” said TRIWA creative director Ludvig Scheja. “We are blown away by the positive response we’ve received since it was made as an April Fools campaign.”

The watch itself features the hairless head of trump in the lower portion, with that iconic expression that people have come to love (to ridicule) and then the hour and minutes hands act as his famous hair! A fantastic, and fun design that really would make time telling an experience.

Triwa Watch

The watch comes in a PVD plated, 38mm, case and features a white background for a pink trump to sit on. The bright yellow ‘hair’ is slit in two for the hands, which are powered by a Miyota GL00 quartz movement. To finish off the look of this watch, you are able to choose between a black or mustard colour nylon strap.

The Triwa Comb-Over watch is currently available for pre-order on the Triwa site only, for a great price of £99. There are only a few of this model left now, and shipping is expected later on this month, if not later.

We think this is a fantastic marketing campaign for the brand, and just a great watch too! Love him, or hate him, let us know what you think of the Trump watch!

Triwa Watch

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