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The REC RJM Bluebird Limited Edition

REC RJM Bluebird H

REC Watches are a unique brand, who make timepieces from actual cars and planes. These are iconic vehicles that get recovered, recycled and reclaimed by the brand, and turned in to fantastic timepieces, featuring genuine material from the donor vehicle! The latest collection to be released from the brand was the RJM Spitfire, created from a WWII Russian Spit. Now, we are seeing the announcement of a limited edition REC RJM Bluebird piece, set to be available soon!

This is a common trend that we have seen in the past from REC. They release a collection of watches, and then, further down the line, release a special limited edition version for the range! We love this idea from the brand, and it has definitely bought us some fantastic watches too. We have previously seen the ЯTR Mustang Limited Edition from the P-51 Mustang collection, as well as the 901 RS Limited Edition from the 901 Porsche collection too! And now, of course, we are seeing the Bluebird Limited Edition from the RJM Spitfire collection too!

The REC RJM Bluebird Limited Edition

It has been 9 months since we got our first look at the RJM collection, and instantly it became a huge success. We had a great amount of interest, and lot’s of demand too! So now, we are finally getting a look at the fourth, and final, RJM timepiece to see the light of day!

This model will round off the collection perfectly, and we are sure that it is going to be just as popular among collectors as the previous three models have proven to be!

When the first batch of RJM models were created, and the dials of the Spitfire were used, REC put aside some metal from the tip of the left wing. This aluminium was put to one side for a special project, that they knew would come up in the future. Now, this project is here, and the left wing tip of the PT879 MK IX Spitfire aircraft is being used for the RJM Bluebird

The RJM Bluebird Watch

The Bluebird brings a splash of colour to the collection. The dial is finished with a blue sunburst pattern, and the strap is a blue woven strap, which is a tribute to the RAF pilots and their famous blue uniforms. The reason for this iconic azure blue uniform actually dates back to before the RAF itself. Despite bein synonymous with the British Royal Air Force, the blue uniforms were in face intended for the Russian army. However, due to the Russian revolution, the RAF acquired the uniforms for their own use after being founded in 1918.

The RJM Bluebird has been created to be the ultimate tribute to the PT879 MK IX Spitfire that it has been formed from. A specific aircraft that REC were able to recover after being found, crashed, on the Russia Tundra during WW2.

REC RJM Bluebird

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