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Thomas Sabo’s New Watches

Thomas Sabo's new watches

You may have heard that Thomas Sabo has recently teamed up with Rita Ora to create a new jewellery collection. Thomas Sabo has been busy since then and has created three new gorgeous models which are in line with one of the latest jewellery trends of 2019, celestial accessories. Thomas Sabo is well known for their upcoming and refreshing designs which are bold, unique and highly fashionable.

If you are a fan of Thomas Sabo and their collection then here is a look at some of Thomas Sabo’s new watches.

Thomas Sabo | Women’s Glam Spirit Astro | Blue Dial | Gold Mesh Bracelet

Thomas Sabo's new watches

If you read our blog regularly then you may have taken a look at some of the new autumn trends of 2019, one of which is gold accessories. This is a unique watch that shows off a gold case and strap with a rich blue dial and a beautiful star in the centre. It is the finer details of this model that make it special with the zodiac symbols surrounding the edge of the dial with classic Roman numerals. This luxurious looking watch would suit both formal and informal occasions and would be a gorgeous addition to your jewellery box.

Thomas Sabo | Women’s Sun Watch | Black Velvet Strap | Black 3D Sun Dial

Thomas Sabo's new watches

Velvet is a fabric that is often associated with winter wear which means it is an accessory well suited to the upcoming seasons. The velvet strap comes in black which matches the black of the dial. The style of the dial is similar to the model mentioned previously with the star at the centre and the zodiac symbols. This is a bold and edgy watch that is perfect for those that are looking for a statement piece to add to their fall and winter wardrobe.

Thomas Sabo | Women’s Lucky Charm | Blue Dial | Stainless Steel Bracelet

Thomas Sabo's new watches

The third and final watch from Thomas Sabo is this silver stainless steel lucky charm timepiece. The combination of silver and blue is sleek and sophisticated and would look gorgeous paired with other pieces of silver jewellery. This watch is perfect for those that are looking for accessories which are a little different from the norm. The markers on the dial help this watch stand out as is it not only diamond set but features silver lucky charms around the edge of the dial.

What are your thoughts on Thomas Sabo’s new watches? Let us know in the comments below!

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