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A Review of Thomas Sabo’s Lucky Charm Watch

A Review of Thomas Sabo's Lucky Charm Watch

Reading a review before you buy is highly recommended so that you know that the watch you are inquiring about is right for you. If you enjoy reading watch reviews then take a look at one of our previous women’s watch reviews on a piece from their Karma collection. With that in mind here is a review of Thomas Sabo’s Lucky Charm watch.

Thomas Sabo has been designing and crafting watches since the 1980s and they are well-known for their intricate and detailed designs. The wide range of collections that this brand produces, of both watches and jewellery, each brings something different to the market. Whilst their Karma collection shows off a free, bohemian style, their glam and soul collection is for those that prefer accessories with an edge. If you are looking for a brand that brings a refreshing take on the watch and jewellery market you can review their entire range here.

This gorgeous watch comes straight from Thomas Sabo’s DIVINE collection. It is one of their latest models and its charming, chic style is right in time for winter. This model is particularly unique as it shows off five golden lucky charms around the dial which include a clover, heart, sun, star and moon. The golden charms are complemented with crystals that glimmer in between each charm, perfect for those that love an accessory to shine. The details of the dial don’t stop there at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock there are bold Roman numerals.

If you are partial to recent fashion trends, especially when it comes to fashion and jewellery then you will be pleased to know that this watch is top of the trends this 2019. In one of our recent posts, we mentioned the celestial jewellery trend that has taken over the market and this watch fits within that category perfectly. Not only with the lucky charms surrounding the dial but also in the centre of the dial in which there is a mesmerising crystal set star.

Review of Thomas Sabo's Lucky Charm Watch

This is not an obvious two-tone style which is usually indicated by the strap, however, this beautiful timepiece combines the gold charms with a silver case and bracelet strap. The cool silver is complemented by a midnight blue dial which suits the long winter nights ahead of this season. Having a two-tone accessory within your jewellery box is a powerful fashion statement as it is not only a sophisticated and elegant look but two-tone watches can be paired with two different jewellery colours, in this case, gold and silver. Therefore, if you are the kind of girl that likes to have a variety of jewellery colours, you can be assured that your watch will match them all.

For those that like a little extra from their accessories, we are pleased to say that this watch is not only perfect for the purpose of styling and timekeeping but also has the complication of date display. This multi-functional watch is suited to both everyday casual wear but would also make a beautiful addition to formal work attire, especially when paired with jewellery pieces, also from Thomas Sabo’s collection. Click here to have a look through Thomas Sabo’s latest timepieces of a similar style!

We understand that a woman’s accessories are important and can make a difference when it comes to your daily attire and we have no doubts recommending this unique timepiece that shines like the night sky. If you have any questions about this timepiece then please don’t hesitate to drop a question in the comments below!

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