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Top 10 Tommy Hilfiger Watches for Men

Top 10 Tommy Hilfiger Watches for Men

If you regularly keep up to date with our blog then you may have recently read our post, which guides you through our suggestions on Tommy Hilfiger watches for men and women. If you would like to know a little more about this popular fashion brand then take a look at the link above.

Here is a look at one of their recent collections:

As you may already be aware, Tommy Hilfiger ultimately started out as a menswear brand and was one of the first of its kind. The red, white and blue colour scheme is iconic to the brand’s identity, not only displayed on their logo but throughout their clothing collections and accessories.

If you have a soft spot for Tommy Hilfiger and their watches then take a look at Top 10 Tommy Hilfiger Watches for Men which are currently popular on our website.

Tommy Hilfiger Gent’s Luke Rose-Tone Watch

Luke Rose-Tone Watch

This is one of the most popular men’s Tommy Hilfiger watches we stock on our website. This is a classic looking watch which would be well suited to both formal and casual wear. As it comes with more than one complication it would fit well into a working lifestyle. We would recommend styling this watch with other brown leather accessories for a coordinated and smart look.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Trent Multi-Function Watch

Top 10 Tommy Hilfiger Watches for Men

This is a bold and easy to read watch, perfect for many different generations of watch wearers. If you like an accessory that does more than just tell the time then this may be the timepiece to add to your collection. The dial of this watch displays a chronograph which comes with day display, date display and a 24-hour sub-dial. This watch has an adaptable style meaning it is suited for both formal and informal occasions.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Blue Rubber White Chronograph

Top 10 Tommy Hilfiger Watches for Men

If you want a watch that is not only smart and formal but that is also in line for the watch trends of 2019 then this is the watch for you. One of the biggest watch trends of 2019 is the all-blue trend which we have seen many watch designers featuring within their collection. This particular watch, crafted by Tommy Hilfiger, is sleek and smart and is perfect for a business or formal work environment.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Hudson Two-Tone Bracelet White Dial

Two-tone Hudson watch

Two-tone is not for everyone, but for those that like a watch that stands out from the crowd then this is the timepiece for you. This model combines gold and silver for an overall handsome and alluring look. This watch is not only good looking but has a number of functions including a chronograph with day and date display as well as glowing markers for effective timekeeping in the dark.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Decker Watch Blue Dial Blue Rubber Strap

Men's decker watch

If you are not looking for a watch for formal occasions or to match your suit and are looking for a classic Tommy Hilfiger watch with a twist then we would recommend the men’s decker watch. This watch shows off a sporty, racing style which is indicated by the day and date display on either side of the dial. This watch shows off Tommy Hilfiger’s classic colour scheme in style and would be a bold addition to your watch collection.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s James Watch Brown Leather Strap Dark Grey Dial

This watch stands out from Tommy Hilfiger’s men’s collection. Unlike many of their other timepieces, this watch does not show off the brands iconic colours, instead, it features a classic dress watch style. Dress watches are known for their limited complications with a black or white dial and a leather strap usually in black or brown. If you have a special occasion coming up that you still need to accessorise for then this is the watch for you.

Tommy Hilfiger | Men’s Black Daniel Watch

Top 10 Tommy Hilfiger Watches for Men

If you are looking for a watch that will make a statement then this is the watch we would recommend to you. This is an all-black stainless steel watch with a large dial featuring the sought after chronograph as well as easy to read markers on the dial. Just underneath the 12 o’clock mark the Tommy Hilfiger logo sits added a little glimmer of colour to the model. The good thing about this watch is that it can be styled with a variety of different looks and styles as it features a neutral colour scheme.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Damon Black IP Mesh Watch

Top 10 Tommy Hilfiger Watches for Men

This is one of our most popular Tommy Hilfiger men’s watches and for good reason. It is both simple and stylish and well suited for those that are looking for their first watch. This watch would be perfect for students as it is both affordable and comes with multiple functions such as day and date display as well as a 24-hour sub-dial. This all-black timepiece comes with a mesh stainless steel strap which is right on trend for 2019.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Hudson Stainless Steel Blue Dial

Hudson stainless steel watch

This is a highly reviewed watch on our website and for good reason. It features a blue and silver colour scheme which is handsome with a sporty twist. As with many of the watches among our recommendations, this watch comes with a chronograph which has date and date display as well as a 24-hour sub-dial. If you are looking for a watch that glows in the dark, this watch comes with glowing hands for optimal timekeeping.

Tommy Hilfiger | Men’s Gold Daniel Watch

tommy hilfiger daniel watch

For our final suggestion on the top 10 Tommy Hilfiger watches for men we picked out a timepiece that is a little different from the rest. It is not often that you see a gold stainless steel watch combined with a deep navy blue dial, however, it is certainly a classy piece that will catch the eye. This watch can certainly be described as luxury as not only does it look good, it comes with a chronograph and glowing hands.

Like Tommy Hilfiger and want to see more? Click here to view their entire men’s collection.

What are your thoughts on our top 10 Tommy Hilfiger watches for men? Let us know in the comments below!

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