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The Seiko Arnie SNJ025P1 is Back!

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It was back at Baselword 2019 that we first found out about this release. Among a huge amount of new and exciting products announced by Seiko, the SNJ025P1 was first seen! There were certain models that were pushed forward as their highlight lines, such as the Prospex LX Divers or the 50th Anniversary Astron. However, that doesn’t mean the rest is not exciting too. The Seiko Arnie is somewhat of a hidden gem from Baselworld. A model that wasn’t given the airtime that it deserves at the time. But one that is now gaining a lot of momentum. As we get closer and closer to it’s release, the excitement is most definitely growing.

So, the Seiko SNJ025P1 ‘Seiko Arnie’ re-release is on it’s way. A model that is going to be extremely popular among collectors, and movie aficionado’s alike. Carry on reading to find out why this is nicknamed after Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also, why this is a model causing a lot of excitement, without the connection to the big screen.

Why The Seiko Arnie?

So, why is the SNJ025 nicknamed after Schwarzenegger? If you are not too familiar with this model, then you might not know too much about the original. The original that has become hugely popular and well known among film enthusiasts around the world. This watch is actually a re-release of an older model, the H558, which was in production from 1982 to around 1990. This model was the worlds first ever hybrid diver. This means that is was a dive watch with both analogue and digital functionality, and it also came with an alarm and chronograph too.

This was one reason why the watch rose to cult status, however the most influential factor on the success of this watch has to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was the watch of choice for the multi-talented Austrian-American in many of his 80’s movies. The bodybuilder, actor, businessman and politician chose this piece because of it’s innovative nature, and its bold, larger size. The most notable movie that you can see the H558 on Arnie’s wrist in, has to be in ‘Predator‘. It was also seen in 80’s hit ‘Commando‘ too, cementing itself as Schwarzenegger’s movie favorite. The design and style of the watch perfectly complimented the nature and look of the movie characters, which has helped it become the icon it is today.

The All New SNJ025P1

The re-release of the H558 has largely been kept the same. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it etc. But the one notable change, or update, is the internal power source. Where the 80’s version was driven by a battery powered quartz movement, the 2019 edition will come fitted with Seiko’s latest solar technology. This means that the watch is powered by light, and will not need a battery replacement like the quartz would. This improves it’s reliability and longevity, and also makes it a little more Eco-friendly too! The solar movement is the H851, also known as the Duo-Display movement, and comes equipped with a chronograph, alarm, calendar, and dual time functionality.

Small is a word rarely associated with the world champion power-lifter, and iconic bodybuilder, but you could almost say that the SNJ025 looks small on his wrist. Well we can confirm that it is quite the opposite in fact. One of the main draws for this watch is its larger size, which may not come across fully when on the wrist of Schwarzenegger! However, watch fans and collectors love the larger case size of watches like this, and the trend of recent years has seemed to be ‘bigger is better’ in a large amount of peoples minds! Seiko have actually increased the case size, from 45mm up to 47.8mm, and have paired that with a larger depth too to create a much bulkier, bold piece.

This may all sound like the thing is going to me massive, but it actually sits fantastically on your wrist! Even for those with wrists on the smaller size this piece still provides a comfortable and stylish look, without looking overly huge! Despite it’s size, the weight has been kept down relatively well. Paired with a plastic shroud, stainless steel case and hardlex crystal glass, the piece is set up to be the perfect watch! With it’s 200m water resistance too, there is no reason at all that this cannot be used as a functional dive watch as intended! As per most newer divers watches, the Seiko Arnie too comes on a comfortable, water resistant silicone strap too.

Seiko Arnie

The SNJ025 seems to have got it right when it comes to style, size and movement so far. The only difference between this and the original, style wise, is the inclusion of the new logo’s on the dial. By this, we mean the Pospex X and Solar, which can be seen on all models in the Prospex or solar ranges! Other than that, you’d find it hard to see the difference between this and the H558!

At a surprising price of £420, the Seiko Arnie is already gaining a lot of interest online. We are used to seeing models like this, or re-releases of classics come in at huge prices, much closer to, if not in, the thousands! Seiko have stayed true to the original and kept it at a reasonable price, making it much more accessible! The value for money also seems to be fantastic, the amount of watch you get for the price paid is almost unbeatable! With the price of the original now almost double the new model, it is great that Seiko resisted the urge to bump the price up!

We are already acepting pre-orders online, and in-store, and will hopefully have an update for arrival time in the coming weeks! This is a great watch that is truly worth checking out, and if you are interested, please do not hesiatate to get in touch at, or call on 01926 298499!

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