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The Timex Nigel Cabourn Watch Collaboration

Timex Nigel Cabourn

Timex have announced their second collaboration with Nigel Cabourn. The Timex Nigel Cabourn watch has been inspired by Nigel’s childhood, and his love for football in the 1950’s. Not just any football either, specifically Scunthorpe Utd! Nigel grew up in the area, and had a huge love for the sport, which has influenced many of his collections throughout the years! In order to pay homage to the footballing greats of the era, he has taken inspiration from the referee stopwatches of the time!

About Nigel Cabourn

Nigel Cabourn is a British designer, with over forty years of experience within the industry. He has built his reputation on producing collections that are not influenced by our usual fashion trends. He produces work driven by inspirational people and their stories. His work fits in to a vintage military, outdoor, and work wear aesthetic, making him the perfect collaborator for Timex!

He has often told press that he does not even consider himself to be a fashion designer. He is not a man that follows fashion, with everything coming from a moment in history, vintage garments, or inspirational people. His whole career, Cabourn has been collecting vintage clothing and books, now owning thousands of pieces from around the world! This gives him inspiration and motivation for his own work, as he loves to study work that has been created by technicians and scientists, rather than fashion designers!

His focus is always to produce the best product possible. From the fabrics used, to the manufacturers he works with, everything has to meet certain standards to ensure quality. Every line he designs, he hopes to produce a timeless, and quality piece that will last, get better with age, and remain relevant.

Timex Nigel Cabourn

The Timex Nigel Cabourn Watch

The first thing you notice about this watch is the red and white dial. As we said, the piece has been inspired by the stopwatches of referee’s, and so, they have included this red colour blocking to signify the 45 minute half time of a match. Just like the real thing! The watch also comes with two interchangeable straps, a classic black leather, and then a more colorful style too! A claret and blue (famous colours in the world of football) NATO strap that can easily be added to add a splash of colour!


MK1 40mm stainless steel case

Domed acrylic crystal glass

Custom fluted crown

Etched, branded caseback

S.B. Foot Tanning Co. Leather Strap

Additional bi-colour strap

Custom Water resistant to 50m

Army mending kit packaging

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