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Olivia Burton’s Under The Sea Collection

Olivia Burton's under the sea collection

Olivia Burton are well known for their nature-inspired designs, one of their most popular styles being the ‘Bee Trend’. One of their more recent collections, Under The Sea, is well in time for summer with both Olivia Burton Watches and Jewellery within the new collection. At first glance, the collection features some of the most iconic icons of a beach and sea setting including shells, starfish and more.

If you are looking for a new timepiece or piece of jewellery to take with you on your next beach holiday then take a look at Olivia Burton’s Under The Sea collection, inspired by the beach as well as the bottom of the ocean.

Olivia Burton Watches– Under The Sea

Olivia Burton's Under The Sea Collection

We stock three models from Olivia Burton’s Under The Sea collection, each with their own individual style. For those that strive for a flirty and feminine look, Olivia Burton has crafted a rose gold watch with a bracelet strap. The main feature of the watch is, of course, the rich blue dial which is accompanied by a floral design of flowers from within the sea. This particular watch emulates the vintage flair that the brand strives for with simple markers which feature roman numerals at the 12 and 6 o’clock mark on the dial. If you want a coordinated and glamorous style we would recommend styling this timepiece with other rose gold jewellery pieces which would look gorgeous for an overall formal and smart look.

If you are looking for a watch that is a little different from the ordinary styles available, then we would recommend you take a look at the eco-friendly Under The Sea watch, designed with eco-warriors in mind. This watch combines the rich blues of the ocean with silver and rose gold for a subtle two-tone look. Two-tone watches are a powerful weapon for any woman to have in her jewellery box as they can be combined with two different coloured metals. In this case silver and rose gold. As with the watch previously mentioned, the dial is the part of the watch that catches the eye which combines the ocean blue with soft blooms and shell details.

The third and final watch that we sell from Olivia Burton’s Under The Sea collection is the Silver Boucle Mesh watch. We feel that this watch is one of the highlights of the collection, combining a cool silver mesh strap and dial with a gorgeous faux mother of pearl dial which allures the design of the watch being made from a shell. Surrounding the mother of pearl feature are swirls of colourful underwater blooms, again with shell detailing across the dial. This is another watch that shows off the classic and vintage look Olivia Burton strives for, roman numerals also at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock part of the dial.

Olivia Burton Jewellery– Under The Sea

Olivia Burton Earrings

Olivia Burton's Under The Sea Collection

Not only have Olivia Burton created a collection of watches for the Under The Sea Collection but also a range of jewellery in three different metal colours rose gold, gold and silver. These hoop style pendant earrings are right on trend this year with Olivia Burton and other brands creating lots of different variations of these hoops. These earrings are a well thought out design with the shell and pearl beautifully combined for the Under The Sea theme. These earrings (in either three colours) would look gorgeous styled with other pieces of jewellery from the collection.

Olivia Burton Bracelets

Olivia Burton's Under The Sea Collection

Following on from our last point, if you love the look of the Under The Sea earrings and want other jewellery pieces from the collection to match you are in luck as we also stock the Under The Sea bracelets, again in three different coloured metals rose gold bracelet, gold bracelet and the silver bracelet. Each one of these bracelets features a delicate design each with a different colour scheme.

If you prefer jewellery that is subtle then we would recommend the silver bracelet that is adorned with black crystals. Alternatively, if you want to embrace a fun and flirty style we would suggest the rose gold bracelet with red crystals. Or finally, if you would like a bracelet that reflects the blue of the ocean and the golden tones of the sand then we would highly recommend the gold bracelet.

What are your thoughts on Olivia Burton’s Under The Sea collection? Let us know in the comments below.

If you love Olivia Burton’s style then you can view the Olivia Burton Watch collection here or alternatively, the Olivia Burton Jewellery Collection here. Want to find out more about Olivia Burton? Click here to visit our last post about the brand’s history.

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