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Festival Looks With Missguided Watches

Festival Looks With Missguided Watches

It’s the time of the year where the glitter comes out, the neon colours arise from the back of your wardrobe and you put your festival warpaint on. The festival culture is vibrant in the UK and the outfits match the environment and then some. If you haven’t been to many festivals and are perhaps looking into it, it is a place where you can express your inner style with both the wacky and the wonderful.

Here are a few inspirational outfits for the festival scene this 2019:

There are several different ways to accessorise your festival attire from bold and feminine crowns to toned down jewellery and timepieces. We have chosen to get our festival game on with Missguided, a popular street style brand that are well educated when it comes to the festival scene.

Reasons why Missguided is a go-to brand for festival attire:

1. Affordable

2. On-trend Streetstyle

3. Range of styles to choose from

So, if you are getting festival-ready this 2019 then here are some festival looks with Missguided.

Missguided | Ladies | Gold Strap | Black Dial | Rainbow Stone Bezel

If you want your festival look to be full of colour and need an accessory to match then this is the one for you. The black and gold combination is bold and eye-catching, a look finished with a rainbow crystal-set bezel. This will certainly be a memorable accessory that can be worn on the day but also thereafter when you find other occasions you want to wear the rainbow for.

Festival Looks With Missguided Watches

Missguided | Ladies Watch | Multicolour Stainless Steel

If you want to go bolder with your colour palette this 2019 then this timepiece is the way to do it. Iridescent accessories were a big hit in 2018 and that has followed through to 2019, especially within the festival scene. This watch will certainly have your friends asking where you got it from. We would recommend styling this gorgeous model with other iridescent accessories for a look that stands out from the crowd.

Festival Looks With Missguided Watches

Missguided | Ladies Rose Gold Leather Watch | Two-Tone Dial

Surely you knew the glitter was coming? Festivals are all about packing on that extra packet of glitter so you really shine. We picked out this watch for its pink glitter strap which would look stunning when combined with other pink glitter accessories such as bags, belts, shoes and more. The good thing about this watch is that it is not only good for occasions you want to sparkle, but it is also subtle enough that you could wear it on a casual daily basis.

Festival Looks With Missguided Watches

Missguided | Ladies Stainless Steel Watch | Silver Stone Dial

For our next recommendation, we have picked a timepiece that sparkles in a different way to the previous model. We have selected a timepiece that sparkles when the light touches it as the dial and the bracelet of the watch are both crystal set. So when you are dancing away to the sounds of the beat in the flashes of the light, this accessory will help you shine that little bit more. Combine this watch with other pieces of silver jewellery for a statement look that is unforgettable.

silver tone

Missguided | Ladies Leopard Print Strap | Gold Case And Dial

Our fifth and final festival looks with Missguided watches is shown off with this gorgeous gold and animal print timepiece. This model is aimed at those looking to show their darker side at the festival scene this year for both pop and alternative festivals. Animal print is one of the top trends of 2019 so will not only satisfy your festival wardrobe but also you will bang on style.

animal print watch

What are your thoughts on our festival looks with Missguided watches? Let us know in the comments below!

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