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A Complete Guide to ChoBo Jewellery

A Complete Guide to ChoBo Jewellery

Calling all jewellery lovers! Not so long ago we introduced this gorgeous jewellery brand ChloBo and today we are bringing you a complete guide to ChloBo jewellery. ChloBo began back in 2005 when the founder, Chloe Moss, came back feeling inspired by her trips around the globe. Once she returned from her trip to Bali, she began crafting handmade bracelets, then selling them in 2006. Since then, the brand has seen extraordinary growth, starting as a small shop in Chester to now, begin sold in 170 different retailers.

Here is a look at an online campaign from the brand:

ChloBo’s jewellery collection shows off a number of different styles, from bohemian and edgy to glamorous and sophisticated, meaning that there is a style for everyone.

The jewellery crafted by ChloBo is adaptable as the individual pieces are often simplistic they can be worn to suit a minimalistic fashion trend or alternatively they can be stacked for a look that is bold and eyecatching. So if ChloBo sounds like a jewellery brand you would want in your jewellery box here is a complete guide to ChoBo jewellery.

A Complete Guide to ChoBo Jewellery

ChloBo Bracelets

ChloBo Jewellery Women’s | Triple Moon | Bracelet

A Complete Guide to ChoBo Jewellery

If you are a fan of the celestial fashion trend that is taking over the watch and jewellery market currently then this is the bracelet for you. From their latest Splendid Star collection, this bracelet would look great as a finishing touch to a formal outfit, especially if you plan to take a midnight walk under the light of the moon. For a look that really stands out, we would recommend styling this bracelet with other jewellery pieces from the Splendid Star collection.

ChloBo Jewellery Rose And Silver Sun Mandala Bracelet

A Complete Guide to ChoBo Jewellery

Two-tone is not for everyone, however, if you like jewellery that is adaptable then it is a style we would recommend. This bracelet is a stunning combination of rose gold and silver with a mandala sun charm. This bracelet will look good styled with other two-tone jewellery pieces from ChloBo’s collection particularly those that strive for a sleek and sophisticated style.

ChloBo Rings

ChloBo Jewellery Women’s | Mini Rice Cross | Ring

ChloBo Jewellery

If you strive for an edgy, grunge style then this is the ring we would recommend to you. The main feature of this ring is, of course, the beaded cross charm. ChloBo is well known for their uniquely crafted rings which are not a single metal band but have more of a bracelet style. ChloBo rings are best worn when combined with other pieces of ChloBo jewellery, in this case, edgy silver jewellery.

ChloBo Jewellery Rose Set Of Two Heart Ring

A Complete Guide to ChoBo Jewellery

If you like to make the most out of your jewellery box then we would recommend this cute duo which features a rose gold and silver combination. The good thing about these rings is that they can be stacked on the same finger or alternatively complement each other on different fingers. If you are looking for the finishing touch for your holiday attire this is the duo we would suggest.

ChloBo Earrings

ChloBo Jewellery Women’s | Flower Hoop | Earrings

ChloBo Earrings

For those that aim to be right on-trend, these earrings are calling out your name. One of the biggest fashion trends of this year is hoop earrings with pendants. These flower hoop earrings will compliment both your spring and summer wardrobe as well as any silver jewellery in your jewellery box. These earrings will dress up a casual everyday outfit and will also work as a finishing touch for a special occasion.

ChloBo Jewellery Rose Feather Cuff Stud Earrings

feather earrings by ChloBo

If your wardrobe consists of a bohemian style then these earrings might just take your fancy. They are sweet and simple styling a rose gold feather in a stud style earring. These would look good paired with other feather accessories also in a gorgeous rose gold-tone.

ChoBo Necklaces

ChloBo Jewellery | Womens | Silver Humming Bird | Chain Necklace

A Complete Guide to ChoBo Jewellery

The ChloBo jewellery collection is clearly inspired by nature, this silver hummingbird necklace a beautiful representation of this. The hummingbird charm rests on a bead style necklace that is an iconic design created by the brand, meaning that it will be well-matched with other pieces from their various collections.

ChloBo Jewellery | Forever Love | Pearl Necklace

A Complete Guide to ChoBo Jewellery

For those with a lust for glamour and sophistication, this is the necklace for you. This necklace will certainly make a fashion statement, especially if it is combined with other pearl accessories from the Splendid Star collection, new to ChoBo’s jewellery line this year. It will be well styled with formal attire and special occasions.

What are your thoughts on our Complete Guide to ChoBo Jewellery? Let us know in the comments below!

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