Why Buy a Two-Tone Watch?

two-tone watch

When you take a look at the watch market today, it is impossible not to notice the different styles of watches we now have to choose from. From the most popular colours choices such as black, silver and gold to unique patterned dials, we can say with confidence that there is a style for everyone.

In recent years there has been a rise and demand in one particular style of watch- the two-tone watch. This type of watch combines two different colours, usually coloured metals in the shades of gold, silver, rose gold and black. They are especially popular with the younger generation and we want to know, why buy a two-tone watch?

Incorporates Maximalist Fashion Trend

Why Buy a Two-Tone Watch?

If recent fashion trends are anything to go by this 2019, such as mixed prints and colour tartan combinations, then it is clear to assume that the maximalist fashion trend is in at the moment. Two-tone watches fit into this trend well combining two different colours which might explain the recent increase in the sales of two-tone watches. For more information on maximalist fashion trend then take a look at one of our previous posts here.

Maximises Jewellery Combinations

Why Buy a Two-Tone Watch?

If you are the kind of person that likes to change up your jewellery look then two-tone watches will fit your style well. Two-tone watches can be combined with two different jewellery colours, perfect for those that strive for an adaptable style. With a two-tone watch at the centre of your accessories, it also means that you can combine two-tone jewellery for a unique and stylish look.

Overall: Sophisticated and Formal Style

Why Buy a Two-Tone Watch?

There is something special about two-tone timepieces. They allure a sophisticated and elegant style that can be worn for special occasions as well as formal work environments. If you strive to portray a professional persona and are looking for accessories that emulate that desire then we would recommend a two-tone watch without a doubt.

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