The Maximalist Fashion Trend Making an Appearance in the Watch Market

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The Maximalist Fashion Trend Making an Appearance in the Watch Market

Rather than the minimalist trend dominating the market with the ‘less is more’ motto, a new modern trend called maximalist is starting to become popular in the fashion industry and is seen as a reaction against minimalism with its ‘more is more’ statement. This is not only increasing in the fashion industry but also in the watch market as high fashion brands such as Dior and Gucci have both designed new watches which take on this new fashion trend. Due to the rise in the demand of the maximalist trend we decided to recommend a few watches that we stock that also follow this trend, for those in particular who don’t just wear a watch to tell the time, but as a statement of expression.

guess watch

Guess Womens Confetti Rose Gold PVD Plated

Guess is well known for not only following trends, but also for setting them. Their most recent collection was bold and certainly different to other brands new collections as it featured the new maximalist trend of ‘more is more’. Their confetti rose gold plated model is the epiphany of this trend with the ray of colours from gold to pink and sparkling crystals. This watch is certainly one to catch the eye with the glitter dial which is surrounded by a bezel which is encrusted with two rows of miniature crystals. This design is by no means simple with a lots of glitter and sparkle and would be perfect for a girl who loves to shine whilst following the latest trend.
Link to the watch here.

harley davidson watch

Harley Davidson Women’s Round Black Dial

An iconic brand has created this stunning women’s watch which is both feminine and empowering. The maximalist trend can also be seen within this model as the designer has certainly thought about the meaning behind this watch. The strap of this watch isn’t the regular pattern you would find on a normal metal strap watch, but replicates that of tire tracks which can be produced by a bike. The attention to detail doesn’t stop there, it is also present in the dial of this timepiece which not only features the logo of Harley Davidson at the top of the dial but also a symbolic H which can be found on the hour markers. The dial of this model is surrounded by a bezel which is set with crystals, along with crystals to mark the hours rather than numbers on the dial. Most maximalist watches are eye catching due to the ‘more is more’ statement however this is not just a looker because of the style of this watch but also for what it represents.
Link to the watch here.

88 rue du rhone

88 Rue du Rhone Double 8 Origin Ladies Black Alligator

This model is certainly a unique one to the market of watches and although maximalist in trend, it features this is a subtle way as there is more than what first meets the eye. This swiss made watch features a unique dial which compliments the hour markers and crystals which creates an overall sparkly dial. The pattern on the dial appears to look like that of a flower, which means that the watch features more than one design giving it that ‘more is more’ vibe. The watch is made of of black and pink tones and is finished off with an alligator like strap, perfect for someone who loves subtle expression.
Link to the watch here.

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