Laco Pilot Watches – From Passion To Legend

Laco Pilot Watches

Laco Pilot Watches are different to all other pilot watches! This is because of their history and origin, all the way from the Pforzheim. Pforzheim is a town in southwest Germany, where just a few exclusive companies are able to have their workshops, and continue the long tradition of expert watchmaking. All the way back in the 1940’s, a Laco watch was an indispensable tool in the cockpit, and now, today it is an expression of freedom. With a Laco aviator timepiece you are not only wearing a precise and robust watch on your wrist, but also a piece of history.

All models from the Laco aviation range offer the same quality and accuracy, as well as a legendary history too. During the 1940’s there was only a handful of companies who received permission to actually manufacture pilot watches. One of these of course being Laco. There were strict rules and standards that had to be followed, once allowed to produce these watches. These detailed requirements for watches created for the German Air Force were formulated by the Ministry of Aviation under the classification “FL 23883”. This number stood for “navigation devices” and would then also be seen on every watch on the opposite side to the crown.

Laco Pilot Watches

These ‘observation watches’ were not worn by the pilots themselves, but the on board navigators instead. They needed Laco pilot watches, alongside an octant (an instrument in the form of a graduated eighth of a circle, used in astronomy and navigation) , to determine the exact position of the aircraft. Precision was necessary at all times, during all flights, under the most extreme of conditions too! So, it was important that these watches were easy to read, in any conditions. The modern day versions of these watches stand by the same principles, which is why you can often see clear, easy to read faces, with luminescent features. These watches are characterised by their high precision combined with outstanding design. Laco’s aviation watches are robust and distinctive pieces that tell a story, they are the “heirlooms” of Laco. The unique and intentional signs of wear that can be found on some aviation models is a stamp of authenticity back to the brands origins, and the true use for these watches.

These watches, just like the originals have still been created to the standards needed in the 40’s. Meaning, these new models are highly resistant to shocks, vibrations and pressure as well as easy and safe to use both day and night. These are features that nowadays are fantastic to have in everyday life, not just on-board an aircraft!

Most pilot watches models by Laco are manufactured by hand based on three different model types in Pforzheim. At first glance, the differences of the aviator watches types A, B and C, are, above all, in the division of the dial.

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