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Limit Watches – All New Styles For Women!

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Limit watches are the perfect alternative to an expensive timepiece, without losing out on style! Limit is a British brand, that have been supplying watches to the UK since 1912! The brand has been able to grow it’s success from finding a niche in the market. Offering quality as well as value, in one watch. For over 100 years, this has been the way, and they have no plans of stopping now. We can see this thanks to all of the new styles being released, including the ones we are looking at today!

Limit offer a huge range of styles and designs, for men, women and children, as well as analogue and digital watches available to choose from! All timepieces from Limit use a Japanese high precision quartz movement to achieve total accuracy, and all models arrive with a 2 year guarantee. Today we are looking at a few of the new styles from Limit, from their core range and the Secret Garden collection too!

New womens styles

These first two models, the 60044.73 and 60045.73 come from the popular Secret Garden collection, and offer a glitzy, glamour look, in black or white! At the low price of £29.99 you will be able to add a fun, sparkly spin to any party outfit! PVD plated cases, and leather straps compliment the rose gold or black glitter dials, making this a great, fun watch!

Limit Watches

Next up, we have a very similar style, just toned down a little! The 60049.73 and 60048.73 come in at the same price as before, but offer a little something to your wardrobe! Where the glitter look covers fun nights out and parties, this style could be chosen for more classy, or smart outings! A mother of pearl dial has been used to signify luxury in the world of watches for a long time now, so this is definitely a great choice to go for!

Limit Watches

The 60051.73 and 60050.73 are very similar styles, with the first coming in purple, and the second in pink! You cant complain about being able to choose which shade of pink/purple you want! Again, based on the same Secret Garden model, this piece covers a more casual summer look than the previous two! With the floral, almost tie die dial, this brings fun and vibrance to any outfit! Perfect for wearing in the sun!

Again, at £29.99 it is hard to find a reason why this piece is not fantastic value!

Limit Watches

These next two models offer a completely different look to the models above. The 60059.01 comes on a black leather strap, and the 60058.01 comes on brown. Both feature gold PVD cases, which is a great pairing with the white dial, and leather straps. These models are much smaller, which is a style that many women much prefer! Ideal as a watch to wear to work everyday, or a piece that can easily be dressed up for an evening out!

With a price of £25 you get a fantastic, versatile watch that can be worn for a whole range of events and activities!

Limit Watches

Sticking with the small case theme, these four watches are based on the same design, and feature subtle, white, mother of pearl dials! Firstly, we have the 60060.01 and 60061.01 which are still sitting at the £25 mark and come on either brown, or white leather straps, for a smart and stylish look! For those who prefer the look of a metal bracelet, or possible struggle with the clasps of other styles of bracelet and strap, the expandable bracelet is ideal! With a closed loop bracelet, meaning no clasps or buckles, this can easily be slid over your hand as well as worn comfortably too! Again, at only £25, and available in silver (60062.01) or gold (60063.01) this could be the ideal option for you!

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