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GShock Watches – The Vintage Limited Edition

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As far as GShock watches go, with experimenting, and customizing. they still love to stay true to their roots, and pay homage to their past! Of course we still get fun, and unique models such as the Kanoa Igarashi Limited Edition, or the Hot Rock Sounds Series. Today we look at something that is a little more tame, and closer to the roots of the Casio brand. Still special, still fantastic looking, and very unique, the Full Metal – Vintage Style Aged IP Limited Edition! Not the shortest name ever for a limited edition watch, but it says exactly what it is!

A tribute to one of the most popular GShock watches, but with a little something special too! The Full-Metal range has been extremely successful for Casio, as it holds so many fantastic models! This was one of the first styles from G-Shock, and has become a very important part of the company’s heritage. So, to acknowledge this, they have produced a version that comes with purposely weathered, and aged IP plating. This vintage appearance represents the legacy of timeless toughness, forever evolving our classic designs that G-Shock have been able to build. It also stands to show that the brand remains committed to durability and reliability too!

GShock Watches

This model, based on the GMW-B5000, has received some unique treatment to achieve it’s look. A Full Metal IP casing has a distinctive weathered look, thanks to the use of black IP plating, which then undergoes a proprietary ageing process. this produces a somewhat unique look every single time, as it is a process of ageing, rather than a design. this makes your watch so much more special and exclusive!

Both, stainless steel case, and bracelet, are fully shock-resistant, with the watch being solar powered with 22 months battery reserve! This model features the fantastic Multi-Band 6 radio wave timekeeping, Bluetooth mobile connectivity, full auto LED light and 200m water resistance. The watch was first seen at this years Baselworld, and is not yet available to purchase, but limited to only 300 pieces, it is definitely going to be a popular one among collectors!

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