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Mens Limit Watches – What’s New?

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We recently had a look at some of the latest designs from Limit for women, which you can see here. Today it’s time for the Mens Limit Watches! Limit watches offer you a much lower priced alternative for your new watch! A British brand, that have been producing timepieces since 1912. Limit have grown hugely over the years, yet still remain true to their goal of providing reliable and stylish watches at a a fraction of the price or it’s competition! With over 100 years of experience, they have been able to gain a fantastic reputation, and provide a different outlook on the world of watches!

There is a huge range of watches available from Limit. With both men’s, women’s and kids watches to choose from. Not only this, but they also provide a range of digital watches too! All models come fitted with a high precision Japanese quartz movement to ensure total accuracy!

Mens Limit Watches

First up is the 5748.01 and 5747.01 a which come on either a mesh stainless steel bracelet, or black leather strap. The mesh version comes in at £40 and the leather at £29.99, making these some of the best value watches around. These models offer somewhat of a pilots watch style, with the oversized hour markers and luminous coating! A fantastic piece that can be worn for any occasion!

Mens Limit Watches

Next up we will look at the 5752.01 and 5751.01 which come in either rose gold or stainless steel silver. With the leather strap, and day/date displays, this model offers a much more dressy style, which you could easily wear with a suit, or smart outfit! Could be a fantastic birthday or Christmas present too!

Utility models

If you are looking for more of a rugged, and robust style watch, then these next two models could just be for you! In all black is the 5754.01 and then in green is the 5753.01! Both of these models come in at only £19.99! A price that you will find extremely difficult to beat for a watch of this style! With 50m water resistance and comfortable-wear rubber straps, these watches are the ideal model to wear out on the go, where it may be bumped and bashed a bit!

Mens Limit Watches

The 12 o’clock day display is an iconic look in the world of watches. Used by many of the world most luxury brands in their most popular styles! But rather than spending thousands to get this look, you could just spend £29.99 and go for the 5749.01 or 5750.01! Available in a couple of styles, this is the perfect piece for a fancy occasion, and can easily be worn with a nice suit too!

Digital models

As we said at the start, when it comes to Mens Limit Watches, there is a fantastic range, including digital pieces too! The last new model we are looking is exactly that, a robust dual-time digital timepiece for the price of only £40! The 5676.66 and 5675.66 are a fantastic option for a first digital watch, and comes in either orange or green, with black rubber straps for a comfortable wear! This has to be one of the best pieces from the range, with 100m water resistance, dual-time 1/100s chronograph, alarm and backlight too!

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