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Laco Watches are the latest brand to join the First Class Watches arsenal, and they are available online and in-store right now! Click here to check them out! A German brand, Laco aim to always provide an authentic, passionate and precise experience, producing watches of the highest quality. Laco have over 100 years of experience, and dynamic company history, and still remain true to the ambition and values of the brands founders, which were to create watches that would stand out with both their quality and reliability. For this very reason, Laco watches still rely on precise craftsmanship rather than on industry for all the collections of their flagship pilot watch – from the Original look to our elegant Classics models.

Our claim to quality processed products with optimal functionality and timely design has always existed. This is shown by a look at our turbulent company history. We stick to our traditions. At the same time we look ahead and create innovations that meet the current spirit of the age. With us there is no standstill, we stand for continuous development.

Laco Watches – Timepieces With A Distinct Character

Originally Lacher & Co. the Laco brand began all the way back in 1925, and together, along side Durowe (a German movement manufacturer) the business was able to emerge at the forefront of Pforzheim’s watch factories. Pforzheim, being a town in southwestern Germany, and a gateway to the Black Forest. Laco have proved their resiliency time and time again, which they reflect in every timepiece that they create, they were able to continue business throughout the Second World War, and were one of five manufacturers supplying watches for pilots of the German Luftwaffe.

Laco watch

Laco’s pilot watches are an expression of their story, which is one of success. Relaunched back in to the market at the start of the new millennium, these new versions of their classic pilots watches brought a developed and unique character to the brand, through different artistic and mechanical innovations. Innovations such as mechanical watch mechanisms with Genevese stripes and blue screws, for example, which have been known as a sign of luxury and quality for some time now.

Numerous new models have followed since the re-release of the brand, with each piece adopting the look of times gone by but still satisfying modern demands.

We are extremely happy to be bringing this fantastic German brand to the First Class Watches site, as well as our James Moore Jewellers store in Kenilworth, so if you are interested in these new watches, then feel free to check them out online, or pop in to our store to get a hands on look.

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