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The New Citizen Satellite Wave CC9015-62E

Citizen Satellite Wave

Introducing the latest in the Citizen Satellite Wave Timekeeping collection. Providing you with the world’s fastest timekeeping signal reception speed from GPS navigation satellites. The CC9015-62E can receive signal in as quick as 3 seconds.

This latest Citizen Satellite Wave timepiece follows in the footsteps of many groundbreaking and popular pieces before it. The Satellite Wave collection offers a whole range of functions and styles that have made these watches so successful over time. Citizen are hoping that this model is going to continue this trend! The CC9015-62E has been crafted to the specifications, and standards that we have come to expect. Extreme care has been taken in each stage of development and manufacture, in order to create the most accurate and reliable timepiece possible.

Citizen use their experience of over 100 years to constantly produce high quality and exciting products. A brand that loves to innovate and explore new possibilities! This has previously been with the introduction of Eco-Drive, where they first began producing watches that are powered by light! They have also been the pioneers when it comes to radio wave timing, satellite timing and optical kinetic energy too! It is clear that Citizen watches have experience in this field, and so can be relied upon to produce a reliable, accurate and quality timepiece, which they have with this latest model.

Citizen Satellite Wave

The Citizen Satellite Wave CC9015-62E comes fitted with DLC high wear treatment, and duratect hardening technology to improve it’s longevity and durability. This is used over it’s premium titanium bracelet, which makes this model even lighter than before, at only 104g! The technology used, includes GPS time positioning, 40 time zone display (27 city time), summer time, perpetual calendar, charge indicator, and much much more! This is a fantastic new watch, that is well worth checking out!

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