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Tissot MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo 2019 Edition.

Tissot MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo 2

Tissot are a brand dedicated and passionate about the world of sport. It was only last week that we saw the announcement of the new Tissot NBA Collector, and we have already had the release of the Tissot MotoGP Thomas Luthi 2019 Limited Edition too! This 2019 Jorge Lorenzo Limited Edition follows the trend of the latter, as he too had a 2018 version, just like Luthi. If you do still want to take a look at the 2018 version of the Jorge Lorenzo, you can do so here. Following the trend, we would not be surprised to see the 2019 Marq Marquez watch released in the next week or so too!

The first of this style of watch was introduced back in 2003, when Tissot and MotoGP first began as partners. Following on from the success of this, the T-Race range was began a year later, which has led on to fantastic watches like the Tissot MotoGP range today! This is a collection that embodies everything that super-bike racing is, passionate, intense and high spirited.

Tissot MotoGP

This new model is based on the same T-Race idea, with inspirations and design cues coming from a whole host of differing motor racing elements. For example, one of our favorites is the bezel and crown protector, which have been designed to look like the brake disc and caliper off a sports bike. The dial is also heavily inspired by different features of a MotoGP bike too, as is the way that the strap connects to the case!

This is a fantastic piece that celebrates an excellent rider, and to show this it has been styled in Lorenzo’s colours, and features his number/logo on the rear of the case! This will also arrive in the special edition helmet display case that has become so popular with these Tissot MotoGP watches!

This model is available online and in-store right now! And you can take a closer look by clicking here!

UPDATE: The 2019 Marc Marquez MotoGP Limited Edition is now available too! Take a closer look here!

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