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Mondaine Swiss Railways 75 Years Set!

Mondaine Swiss Railways watches

The idea behind the Mondaine brand is simple, provide form and function in perfect harmony. This is something that they have been doing for 75 years now. Well, it is 75 years since the creation of the Official Swiss Railways Clock. This clock went on to inspire and form the whole Mondaine brand as we know it, which is why Mondaine are celebrating this anniversary! The Mondaine Swiss Railways partnership has been strong for many years now. Captivating through authenticity and simplicity, Mondaine’s ‘Official Swiss Railways Watch‘ has become a piece of history. Combining the timeless Swiss design with innovation, craftsmanship, and functionality, they have been able to express the Swiss way of life in the form of an elegant, stylish timepiece.

The Mondaine Swiss Railways collection is not just a collection inspired by the Railways. Mondaine have actually produced a four-meter high Swiss Railways Clock in the Zurich train station, which is seen by over 300,000 people everyday! Mondaine have really integrated their brand in to the Swiss lifestyle, and the Railways now have a huge influence on the way the brand works. From design to function, the Swiss Railway watches from Mondaine are just like the Swiss Railways themselves.

So, the 75th anniversary refers to Hans Hilfiker, a Swiss Engineer and Designer for the Federal Swiss Railways. 75 Years ago, back in 1944, Hans created a clock that would be used in the stations, which became known as the “Official Swiss Railways Clock”.

Mondaine Swiss Railways

Mondaine Swiss Railways 75 Years Special Edition Set!

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of this clock, Mondaine has now released a special edition package to present the Classic, their 1986 watch. The 1986 Classic was the first officially licensed Mondaine watch, inspired by the blueprint of the iconic 1944 clock, and licensed by the Federal Swiss Railways.

This new special edition set is available in two different sizes, a 40mm (A660.30360.75SET) or a 30mm (A658.30323.75SET), perfect for more slender wrists! The watch comes on a classy, soft black leather strap, with monochrome stitching. however, as part of the set you will also receive an additional strap made from recycled PET bottles, which comes in the three signature colours, of red, white and black. Both of these straps are equipped with Mondaine’s new quick change system making it quick and easy to change between straps on the go!

The box that the watch and strap set arrives in is marked with a large number 75, and also includes a specially commissioned history of the official Swiss Railway clock!

The railway clock is one of the most renowned clocks in Swiss history. It is a design icon, which remains as innovative and relevant today as 75 years ago, when Hans Hilfiker first took up his pencil and unwittingly became part of Switzerland’s modern history.

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