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The New Tissot NBA Collector!

Tissot NBA

Here at First Class Watches we do not actually stock any of the Tissot NBA timepieces. This is for a few reasons, mainly due to the lower, yet still growing, level of interest in the sport of basketball here in the UK compared to other sports. However, this does not mean that we cannot take a look at some of the new and exciting pieces coming from this range!

The main flagship models for this collection, is based on the Chrono XL watch, which is one of the largest cases through the whole Tissot range. With a 45mm case it is one of the largest chronographs, and provides you with a Swiss made watch, at an unbeatable price. This model has also acted as the base for different sports too, in the form of the Tissot Chrono XL Tour De France Edition!

There are NBA watches for a range of different teams in the league, all of which come branded with the team logo and colours! This is a fantastic way to show support to your team, and wear their colours on your wrist!

Tissot NBA Watches

The latest model to come out of this range is another Chrono XL watch, and this Tissot NBA piece celebrated the sport as a whole, and everything about it, whilst letting you still show your allegiance to your team! This watch celebrates the historic partnership between the NBA and the Swiss watchmakers, and as a special edition watch, they have given it a special strap, make from the same leather that is used on the official NBA Spalding Basketballs! This is a really fantastic touch from Tissot, and using the exact material will go a long way for those fans of the sport!

Not only this, but to make this watch a collectors dream, it arrives in a very special box, that holds interchangeable mineral crystal case back inserts for all 30 NBA teams! This is a fantastic attention to detail from the design team, and makes the watch so much more special and desirable to those who are fans of the NBA, and have their favorite teams too!

Tissot NBA watch

We do not yet have any plans for stocking this model, however, if you are interested, please contact us at and we will be able to discuss the availability further!

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