The Victorinox INOX Carbon

Victorinox INOX Carbon

Each and every timepiece from the INOX range from Victorinox is put through 130 rigorous strength tests to ensure it’s durability and resistance. However, the Victorinox INOX Carbon takes this to a whole new level. Formed form a carbon composite, a material that has protected space shuttles from reentry temperatures way over 1,260 °C, making it the most robust and ideal companion for every adventure!

This carbon composite provides the case with a lightweight feel, yet helps it to retain a highly scratch resistant surface, with strong structural rigidity, too. The INOX Carbon is built to last, withstanding even the most extreme situations and conditions.

Its dense, matte-black appearance with subtle marbling makes the I.N.O.X. Carbon ideal for individuals who want to make a strong style statement without compromising on functionality and Swiss craftsmanship.

Traditionally used for parachute suspension lines, this model is available with a Naimakka paracord attachment, which furthers it’s position as the perfect adventure watch! This material is tested to a breaking strength of 250 kg, making sure that you can have complete faith in the multi-strand nylon cord! You can find out some more uses for this unique strap style here too!

The New Victorinox INOX Carbon Limited Edition

The latest from the Victorinox INOX Carbon range is this Limited Edition model. A watch that will not let you down under pressure. This peice, as per the INOX way, has been built with a relentless commitment to simultaneously measuring and defying time. It arrives with a choice of straps, one is the classic paracord, that comes in the neon yellow to stand out, and the other is actually made of the same leather as firefighter boots! This combined with the firefighter “chevron” that appears on the red and yellow strips on the second hand and add the powerful Rescue Tool to the package, and you have the epitome of heroism, strength and protection in one watch.

Victorinox INOX Carbon box

The Victorinox Rescue Tool

The set also comes with this amazing rescue tool ,that has everything! A large pocket knife, with a disc saw included. it has taken years of research and development alongside professionals, to reach the perfect tool. It features a seat-belt cutter, a window breaker and also that disc saw, which can be used to cut through shatterproof glass. Every tool included is specially designed to work equally well for both left and right handed users.I

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