The Pulsar Accelerator World Rally!

Pulsar Accelerator

Pulsar have worked along side the world of Rally for some time now, and have in fact been a partner of the M-Sport WRC Team since 2009 now! The Pulsar Accelerator has often been used as the flagship watch for the brand when it comes to these partnerships, which has led to special WRC versions of this collection, including the PZ6003X1 and the PZ5031X1.

Pulsar have in fact just released a brand new promotion including the M-Sport WRC team, and one of their Ford Fiesta rally cars, along side the Pulsar Accelerator Chronograph PZ5065X1!

The Pulsar Brand

The Pulsar brand began back during what they refer to as the age of optimism, the 1970’s. Technology was advancing rapidly, and businesses had access to an ever increasing resource pool to create the best products and services that they could. This has been proven by things like space flight, which had become a reality now, and computer science which was only developing still back then, but at great speeds, with new advances appearing almost every day! Throughout this time, Pulsar decided to create the worlds first electronic digital watch, which was an instant hit when unveiled at it’s New York unveiling, a release that would play a part in changing the way we see time today.

Now, in more modern times, Pulsar has been launched once again, this time as part of the Seiko Watch Corporation, who we all know are a hugely successful and popular brand of their own. Under the Seiko umbrella, Pulsar have been able to find their own success once again, in a way that
unites innovative design with universal appeal. The Pulsar tag line “Tell it your way” is based on the insight that each consumer is different, and everyone will see and express time in their own unique way, which needs to be supported by their timepiece! They are a brand that continue to understand and work along side consumer to produce dynamic and popular watches, that watch lovers and everyone else can enjoy!

You can take a look at our full range of Pulsar watches here!

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