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New In: Missguided Fashion Watches

Missguided Fashion Watches

missguidedMissguided is a well known online fashion brand that has various collections of clothes collections, shoes, accessories and more. They began back in 2009, set up by Nitin Passl, as he was inspired by New York fashion week. He started his fashion brand with a £50,000 loan and his empire grew from there. There aren’t many young adults and teenagers that haven’t heard of this popular and upcoming fashion brand.

The company have a strong desire to reach out to women who are interested in fashion and want to empower their bodies as well as helping their confidence grow. They design their clothes based on popular culture and street style their movement wanting to want to reach women all over the globe.

Their fashion creation is not limited to clothes, bag and shoes as they also have a wide range of stylish accessories including women’s fashion watches. So girls, if you are a fan of Missguided or take a fancy to street style then here is a peak at the collection that we now stock!

Missguided Fashion Watches

Missguided | Ladies Pink Leather Strap | Pink Dial


If you are the kind of girl that loves to incorporate pink into your attire then this watch may peak your interest. Both the strap and dial are in a beautiful shade of baby pink which is combined with the light tones of rose gold. Unlike most women’s watches within the market, this timepiece comes with a chronograph which is well suited to those that want a watch that does more than just tell the time. The versatile functions on this watch mean that it will make a great accessory for both formal occasions and a work environment.

Missguided | Ladies Watch | Multicolour Stainless Steel


This watch is perfect for those that like accessories to make a statement. The overall style of this timepiece is clearly inspired by the holographic trend that took over the fashion industry last year. This piece would look good with a black dress and subtle accessories so that it can truly stand out. It is an adaptable watch which would look good on both casual days out and for formal occasions. For an added touch of sparkle, the markers on the dial are set with crystals.

Missguided | Ladies | Gold Strap | Black Dial | Rainbow Stone Bezel


This golden stainless steel watch is inspired by the watch trends of luxury brands such as Rolex. The rainbow stone bezel is the first feature that grabs our attention which is perfect for girls who want an accessory that is unique. The gold stainless steel bracelet gives this watch a luxury flair without the luxury price tag, making this a fashionable yet affordable fashion accessory. This watch would look stunning styled with other pieces of gold jewellery.

Missguided | Ladies Watch | Black And Grey Fabric Strap


If bright and bold fashion pieces aren’t your cup of tea, then this watch might be more fitting to your style. The strap of this model features grey and black stripes which is more subtle than the watches previously mentioned. The dial is particularly minimalist with the only detail being the Missguided logo under the 12 o’clock mark on the dial. This watch is designed for those that prioritise ‘less is more’ with their fashion style.

Have you got your eye on a Missguided watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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