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The MeisterSinger Urban Day Date


A MeisterSinger Urban for advanced users: the Day Date model

MeisterSinger’s city kid has learned a lot.

The MeisterSinger Urban Day Date has an easy-to-read day- and date display and an even more dynamic design.

The MeisterSinger Urban Day Date features an easy to read day and date display, and an even more dynamic design! The MeisterSinger Urban is only one year old now, one of the most popular collections from the award winning German brand. A fresh, young approach to watchmaking, and interpretation of the single-hand watch was produced, offering a clear and concise style, with striking numerals and and ‘Urban’ colours. This Urban timepiece was thought up to fit perfectly in with the lifestyle of younger people living in the big city. Aimed at those who confidentially throw away anything too complicated and those that don’t let themselves be rushed. This being said, the Urban can do a lot more than simply tell the time. In this brand new Day Date version, the weekday is displayed at twelve o’clock and the date will be shown at the six o’clock position, in two different windows!

     MeisterSinger Urban       unnamed (1)

     unnamed (2)        unnamed (3)

A Distinctive instrument

The Meistersinger in house specialties include calendar displays on open rings, however the shapes of the Urban Day Date windows are also part of the MeisterSinger design code. This is due to to the fact that the circular date window has been created to match the shape and design of the case, and the semi-circle viewing window doe the weekday corresponds to the fermata logo! Above all else, this creates a stunning focal point of the watch, in between the upper hour markers. This model from the urban range is now the only model from the brand that displays the typical twin hour digits, at 2, 4, 8 and 10, which gives the dynamic look even more depth!

The powerful typography featured on the dial magnifies the instrumental character of the watch just as much as the red tipped single hour hand does! There are four different variations of this piece available (displayed above) where the distinctive geometry matches with a contrasting colour, and then the opaline silver and sand versions are fitted with black date disks, and the black and blue models feature a vibrant red!

The Urban Day Date will be available end of February, it comes with a matching textile strap and the retail price will be £995.00. If you don’t want to wait for the Urban Day Date to be released then you can take a look at the other models from the collection here!

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