For Michel Herbelin Pink Is Back!

Michel Herbelin Pink


The Antarès Michel Herbelin Pink collection is here!

The women’s-only Antarès collection is back, with an interchangeable Michel Herbelin Pink strap! The French watchmaking studio have introduced new straps, arriving in different shades of pink, with fuchsia, tropical and powder pink hues, allowing the modern fashionista to update the look of their watch in a simple click, staying on top of the latest trends and current styles!

The Antarès collection has been one of the smaller collections from the French watchmakers, but is expected to come to the forefront this year, especially with these new Michel Herbelin Pink straps now available! The collection features pieces available with round, lyre shaped or rectangular steel cases, which perfectly compliment the dainty aesthetic of the silver dial and Roman numeral hour markers! This subtle, dainty design is given power and strength with the addition of these hot, bight and soothing pink tones, which show off a pop-art design, with sweet overtones.

“The color pink represents caring, compassion and love. The pink color stands for unconditional love and understanding, and is associated with giving and receiving care. Since pink is a combination of red and white, both colors add a little to its characteristics. It gets the lust for action from the red color, and the white color gives it an opportunity to achieve success and insight.” by Jacob Olesen

Michel Herbelin are an independent, family owned watchmaking company who have been in the watchmaking trade since 1947, over 70 years! They are, and have always been a family, and a business, dedicated, and committed to excellence and quality French craftsmanship, in order to provide the best product they possibly can. For three generations now, they have been able to find the balance between cost and quality, producing aesthetically pleasing, detailed timepieces at an affordable price point, which is perfectly represented in the Antarès interchangeable strap watch


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