Meister Singer Watches Win IF Award!

Meister Singer watches

Meister Singer Watches have done it once again, winning yet another award for design! 

Meister Singer watches have been known for their unique and innovative design for some time now, and have won many awards through the years. And now, they are proud to announce that they have been awarded an IF Design Award, for the Lunascope and it’s outstanding design. The IF Design Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the world of design, and an important one too. Meister Singer watches have said that they are extremely happy about winning such an internationally renowned label. A seal of quality.

The Lunascope follows the same trend as other pieces from the brand, with their unique one handed movement, which has won awards on it’s own! This model features a fantastic moon-phase display

Our division and representation of time has always followed the movement of the stars. Even back in the Middle Ages, tower clocks emulated astronomical models, preferring to recreate the mechanics of the heavens on Earth rather than wanting to show single minutes or even seconds.

The idea behind the Lunascope is that it represents the moon and it’s various phases, from which we find the natural impression of the Earth’s satellite corresponding with extreme precision! This is the part which has won them the award, and that has set them apart from the rest. The majority of watches take this figure and round it down to 29.5 days via the watches movement, which means, technically, they are inaccurate. Deviating by eight hours per year, and requiring re-setting by one whole day every third year. However, the Lunascope, with it’s specially designed movement, is much much more accurate. 128 years is a short period of time in astronomical terms, but a huge period in the world of watchmaking! This is the length of time that it will take the Lunascope moon-phase indicator to run before needing any kind of adjusting. So, comparing this to the 3 years of a standard piece, this is massive! Quite the impressive achievement by the award winning German watch makers, MeisterSinger.

You can find out even more about this fantastic brand here!

Meister Singer watches


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