The Ebel Four Seasons Discovery

Ebel summer

The NEW Ebel Four Seasons Discovery Collection

Celebrating all four seasons, with new seasonal inspired watches!

This new collection from Ebel delivers us an array of splendid and dazzling tones to show off the colours of the year! Taking inspiration from the world around us, and how it changes, Ebel have released the Discovery Lady Ebel Four Seasons Edition watch in a 33mm case width, prominently featuring vibrant, fresh colours for Spring and Summer, with more subdued barker tones in Autumn and Winter. The Ebel Four Seasons an opportunity to celebrate these vibrant colours, women for all seasons will be offered a unique look, and new dimension.

To everything there is a season, and every season has its own distinct mood and colours – filled with beauty, charm, and emotion.

Ebel Four Seasons

Celebrating the 4 seasons, Ebel have subtly interpreted new beginnings. With spring cherry blossom, summer breezes in fresh green, hazy autumn days through a glowing brown shade and the chill of winter in a pale pink sky representing each model. These striking, vibrant, colourful dials come with pairs of matching alligator or snake leather straps to further enhance the emotions and sentiments of the four different passing seasons of the year. Some really stunning new watches!

ebel seasons

This is one of many fantastic new things coming out of Ebel right now, we have recently seen the collaboration with Gala France/ Gala Germany, which you can read all about here, and also the release of the fantastic new Sport Classic Automatic as part of one of their most popular collections, the Sport Classic! Make sure to check that out on our blog too!

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