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The Brand History of Harley Davidson

The Brand History of Harley Davidson

The Brand History of Harley Davidson: founded in 1903 by William. S. Davidson, a young successful business man. Who at only the age of 21 created arguably, the most iconic motorcycle designs in history. 

The beginning of the Harley Davidson Brand History, literally is the start to a movie. (Which someone really should make) where the Harley Davidson bike, which was designed and made from scratch in the family shed, won a race. People took notice, and the first of these amazing designs was brought by a company, which then began to mass produce these iconic designs. These designs only grew and got more profound. Eventually, the Davidson’s created a empire for themselves that continues to this day.

After Davidson sold several designs and won some elite races. Even law enforcement realised how amazing this company was, and in 1908-1909 Police officers began to use them. The Harley Davidson won countless competitions and continuously wowed the public.

 When the Roaring 20’s hit Harley Davidson’s were the biggest motorcycle factory in the World. In just a short amount of time this company had gone from two family members making blue prints in their shed, to national domination. They not only had some incredible power behind their  engines, but they had amazing class and style, a class and style that has continued to this day. The Brand History of Harley Davidson is truly proof that hard work pays of.

Jumping Forward a few years to the flirty thirties, the Brand History of Harley Davidson continues to develop. These  gorgeous motorbikes really discovered there unique design. Adding chunky wheels and seductive colours, they created and really defined that stunning Harley Davidson signature we all love.

In 1947 this phenomenal business makes the plunge into the world of fashion. Harley Davidson started to sell those delicious, classic black leather motorcycle jackets. That signature style still looks just as good today.

In the next decade (1953) the logo was reinvented, as a special treat for the companies fiftieth birthday. This stunning design is what we use today. Even Elvis Presley shows of his new found talent on the back of one of these bikes.

In 2001 the first ever professional female motorcyclist, joins the racing team at Harley Davidson, competing in several different races and bossing each and every one of them. Not to mention this lovely lady is gorgeous and wears that uniform like its runway ready.

The Brand History of Harley Davidson-From Fast and Furious, to furious fashion.

The Harley Davidson fashion since the beginning came with the biking life itself. Throughout the Harley Davidson Brand History, as the bikes have evolved and updated, so has the Harley Davidson Fashion that comes with it. The Harley Davidson brand history shows us how the company always made sure that there clothing was not only the highest quality of protective gear, but also it has kept up with each individual fashion trend since 1903, and has possibly started a few.

Rin Tanaka has outdone himself. The master of books on vintage clothing has published the definitive history of American motorcycle gear, ‘Harley-Davidson Book of Fashions: 1910s – 1950s’, after he was given rare access to the Harley-Davidson Museum and Archives, with their over 100,000 photographs spanning their entire history from 1903 to the present. H-D was one of the first motorcycle manufacturers to hire professional photographers to document their progress, and kept photographic and documentary records of their various lines of accessories which they offered from 1914, along with the entire run of The Enthusiast magazine and contributions from various dealers, clubs, and race

A brilliant blogging website reviews a book written by the infamous Rin Tanaka illustrating the the Brand History of Harley Davidson fashion.

It is easy to come to the conclusion that, like their bike designs, the Harley Davidson Fashion has got that signature look the brand is so famous for. With bold colours such as turquoise, red and black covering the garments this phenomenal brand makes, but there name or logo is proudly shown on every single one of there design’s.

The Brand History of Harley Davidson- The Watches.

The Brand History of Harley Davidson, proves that the secret behind their success in not only the world of motors, but also the world of fashion is that they kept up to date and on some occasions, the signature black leather jacket, started trends themselves. Combining both practical and fashionable this company dominated the bikers side of the fashion game,making everything from the turtle neck to the leather and fur combination (although buy faux now) The Harley Davidson riders always look good and that bad boy/girl vibe is to die for with their designs. This leads us to when Harley Davidson came into the world of accessories and showed us all their breathtakingly beautiful watches that firstclasswatches is proud to represent today.

Harley Davidson Black And Rose-gold With Leather StrapThe Brand History of Harley Davidson

This beautiful watch is a tribute to Rose gold. With a thick outer-layer, and subtle but sexy diamonds placed symmetrically on the bezel, this is Harley Davidson Black and Rose Gold watch is truly a piece of artwork. With clovers in a pink/rose gold pattern engraved in the dial, and the thick black leather strap that is a trilobite the the classic motorcycle jacket the colour scheme of this watch is flawless.  

Harley Davidson Black And Rose Womens Gold WatchThe Brand History of Harley Davidson

Like  the previous watches the Harley Davidson Black and Rose Gold watch also has a  dial with a  pink/rose gold clover design, this particular watch also comes with a black link chain bracelet. The Harley Davidson label is printed in a beautiful italic font on the front of the dial, a name that you will be proud to wear. Several stones have been placed inside the dial and held, with care, by the matt black bezel. This watch is classic and classy with a hint of cuteness.

Harley Davidson Women’s Crystal Set Black Logo Dial Black Leather StrapThe Brand History of Harley Davidson

The stunning design of this watch portray’s simple elegance. The black leather strap of the Harley Davidson Womens Crystal set Watch  is complimented with the silver bezel. The crystals we have seen in other watches, in this collection are placed beautifully inside the dial. This shiny shade of silver on the bezel  adds a flawless effect to the petite frame, this watch is perfect for everyday and formal events. Finally for a brilliant last touch the watch still has the sensational Harley Davidson attitude with the printed company logo which is sparkly and fabulous.


Harley Davidson Black Logo Crystal Set Dial Stainless Steel BraceletThe Brand History of Harley Davidson

This Logo design watch also comes in a stunning shade of silver, the steel bracelet is definitely more of a 90’s take on watches. However, its slim and subtle, so it really gives that classy appeal to the exterior. The orange seconds dial is a bold splash of colour that takes this watch from fashionable to fashionably fabulous!

Harley Davidson Silver Stainless Steel Dial Patterned Bezel Skull Charm Watch.The Brand History of Harley Davidson

This gorgeous  Patterned Bezel Skull watch is a advocate to more is more!  This watch has a gorgeous classic black leather strap, which is the statement Harley Davidson look, The shade of black is deep and delicious, and works very well with the dirty silver (when I say dirty, I don’t mean actual dirt. I mean the tinted silver that is slightly darker and gives it more of a vintage look) The bezel is a gorgeous pattern that combines the whole design.

The studded skull charm is by far my favourite part of this design. This skull looks good! It adds such a bad girl vibe to this watch and it is so fabulously fierce, but because it is sparkly it still has that feminine appeal and glamours look that just completes this whole design.

Harley Davidson Womens Black Leather Strap WatchThe Brand History of Harley Davidson

This classic and beautiful design is the most minimalist of the watches, but it works! The black leather is a statement, this simple strap is then joined with a light silver casing which could of been taken of one of them gorgeous motorcycles themselves, this design creates this black leather strap watch design. The classic Arabic font on the hour placements modernises the watch and the signature orange Harley Davidson logo ties the whole look together.


With these watches you can take a little bit of Biker Girl with you wherever you go, a little bit of Sons of Anarchy  The biker girl look is all about voluminous hair and leather (faux) The leather look is very in at the moment.  But you don’t have to be a biker chick to rock the Harley Davidson label, add a bit of edge to fall 2018 fashion with this collection of watches.  

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