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Casio Illuminator on Netflix Series Maniac

Casio Illuminator on Netflix Series Maniac

For those of you that enjoy branching out and watching something new, we would highly recommend Netflix’s new series, Maniac. It came out just over a month ago on the 21st of September and has been a hot topic ever since. The series is made up of 10 episodes and is labelled a ‘limited series’ which basically means that if it is popular, Netflix will turn it into a full blown tv-series.

The series is set in a dystopian New York where two main characters Annie Landsburg and Owen Milgrim embark on a medical trial, each with their own motives.The main stars include, Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, Sally Field and Justin Theroux. It is a highly exhilarating drama which portrays a new a refreshing take on mental health.

For those who enjoy trying out new series on Netflix here is a taster of the series trailer:

Casio Illuminator on Netflix Series Maniac

You may be wondering why it is relevant to watches? Whilst I was watching the tv-series (and thoroughly enjoying it) I noticed that the character, Dr James K. Mantleray, was wearing a Casio illuminator!

Here is a look at the model in the series (series 1 episode 06)

Casio Illuminator on Netflix Series Maniac

Here we can see that it is a silver and black model which is actually Casio’s Vintage Core Classic Illuminator which we actually have available on our store. Although it is not currently in stock, we are able to order it if it is a watch that takes your fancy.

Casio Illuminator

It is a watch that is classic in style and design, iconic to Casio’s brand and a must have in a watch collection. If you are a fan of this style of watch then you will also be pleased to know that this model is available to purchase for only £34.90 so it won’t break the bank!

If you have any questions regarding the Casio Illuminator on Netflix Series Maniac then you can contact us via our website, via phone or leave a comment below!

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