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Bremont Supersonic Made From Concorde

Bremont Supersonic

Concorde, a global icon of British engineering. She halved the flight time across the Atlantic and broke the world record to 2 hours, 52 minutes and 59 seconds. Concorde was an aircraft like no other, well ahead of her time, flying 2.5 million British Airways passengers and crew across the Atlantic faster than a rifle bullet.

It started in 1962 when Great Britain and France signed a treaty to create a supersonic airliner. There hasn’t been an aircraft that has rivaled her since that day. After only 27 years of service, Concordes time was up and in 2003 she took her last flight, much to many peoples dismay.

Here is a glance at some of the history of Concorde, created by Bremont themselves:

Bremont Supersonic

It has been 50 years since Concorde was created which is why Bremont and British Airways have collaborated and created the ‘Bremont Supersonic Stainless Steel‘. If you are well read on Bremont’s work then this collaboration will be no surprise to you as they have previously produced 7 historical timepieces. The special part of this new timepiece is not only that it was made to celebrate the memory of the aircrafts 27 years of service but also that it is made with Concorde, specifically Alpha Bravo.

This timepiece is not only made out of Concorde but designed with the aircraft in mind, the blue representing British Airways and the white shine on the dial emulating Concordes highly reflective paint. The back of the watch shows the frame of Concorde for a remarkable final touch to the design of the watch. This piece is limited to only 300 pieces and was handmade in one of Bremont’s workshops here in the UK. It features Bremont’s first manual wind movement, specifically an 8-day power reserve with an indicator at the 12 o’clock position.

The style of the watch has more of a 70’s look which we feel is definitely on purpose, reminiscing the time the aircraft was created and made airborne. The way that Concorde is incorporated into the watch is from an aluminum ring that is taken from the aircrafts iconic delta wings, from Heathrow’s last remaining Concorde.

The supersonic collection is not limited to one model however, it also comes in a rose gold which is limited to 100 pieces. The rose gold model is classic in design, combined with a brown leather strap.

As well as a white gold model which is also limited to 100 pieces. This white gold Supersonic watch is combined with a rich blue navy crocodile strap, also made of durable leather, totaling the whole collection to only 500 pieces!

In addition to this watch celebrating Concorde’s 50th year, 2019 will also celebrate 100 years of British Airways there the Bremont Supersonic will be a tribute to both iconic names in British Aviation. A share of these limited edition timepieces will also be donated to the Air League Trust. This is an organisation that works with young people from all backgrounds, helping them achieve their dreams in the world of aviation and aerospace.


If you have any questions regarding Bremont’s Supersonic collection then you can contact us via our website, via phone or comment below.

What do you think about Bremont’s Supersonic collection? Would you add it to your watch collection?

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