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Telling Time on Mars

It sounds like an odd concept, however, with science evolving quickly, telling time on Mars seems like an increasingly likely event. In 2001, Mars One, a non-government organisation began planning a mission to send humans to permanently reside on the big red giant. How does this relate to time you may ask? Whilst the astronauts will have issues to deal with such as learning to live and adapt to the environment, they will also need to get used to the structure of the day and telling the time.

Here is a preview of whats ahead for our future:

Telling Time on Mars

If you were not already aware, a day on Mars consists of 24 hours and 37 minutes compared to earth which means that a watch that functions and tells the time on earth might not be able to do the same on Mars. Other elements to take into consideration would be that normal watches would struggle to tell the time during weightless periods during flight.

Anicorn, a watch company based in Hong Kong, have teamed up with NASA to create a limited edition piece which represents the 60th anniversary of exploring space. We know that from Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity that time passes slower when travelling at the speed of light compared to earth. Their collaboration produced a watch that can measure this time dilation. This watch is not only highly functional but also incredibly stylish, featuring a white and blue minimalist look.

telling time on mars

This breath taking watch is limited to only 60 pieces and were only available to pre-order, however it was recently it was revealed that this watch is now completely sold out! The watch comes with a white fabric strap with NASA clearly written in red.

telling time on mars

Although the watch was made as a celebration of achievement by NASA, it is also to honor the tragic loss of lives over the six decades such as the crew on Apollo 1.

Are you a fan of outer space? Or do you want to be a part of the future of life on Mars? Let us know in the comments below!

*The pictures used in this blog are sourced from Anicorn’s website*

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