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Tissot Bella Ora Collection

Tissot Bella Ora Collection

If you have never heard of Tissot before, there is a  perfect way to describe them. Genius; sexy; sophisticated with that retro smoulder that will make you go weak at the knees! This watch company has never failed to deliver us some of the finest timepieces in existence. Founded in Switzerland in 1853, Tissot delivered its first pocket watch, which then dominated male fashion industry. Since then, it has kept up with the evolution of fashion, and now provides the women of the world watches worthy of being worn by a Queen. As women are the queens of fashion and all good things. Tissot understands women’s fashion and dedicated itself to providing us with some beautiful watches, that have become a treasured item in our wardrobes. This year, Tissot has once again brought genius beauty to the table, and given us the Tissot Bella Ora Collection.

Tissot Bella Ora Collection- Bellissimo orologio.Tissot Bella Ora Collection

Bellissimo orologio, is Italian, it translates to beautiful watches. Therefore, it is only fitting that this collection adopted that name. They did not fail to follow through on this statement!

Tissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora Collection

All of these watches have an oval dial. Giving them a spacious and fresh look, with a sophisticated appeal. These dials come in stunning colours and textures. Such as: mother-of-pearl; cream and black, as can be seen above.

The oval dial is large and therefore gives more room for the clock placements. This style is classic! Some of these watches also come with additional features in the dial face. Such as, date display (far left and second in from the right) others come with a seconds display (second in from the left and far right) which is perfect for those of you ladies who love timed activities and sports.

Tissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora Collection

The numerals on these exquisite timepieces are unique and drip with class. If you love a modern and simple numeral placing, the large Arabic font style (far left) is one of the many options you can choose to suit your style and needs. If you love watches and want to go for even more of an elegant feel, the Tissot Bella Ora collection also offers a numeral free design (second in from the right). Which is a classic interpretation of modern elegance.

Finally, as Bella Ora is an Italian name, they have taken a classic Italian use of numeri romani (roman numerals) for that timeless effect (second from the left and far right) all of these beautiful designs have been chosen for your own fashion preferences and which ever you fall in love with, will look gorgeous on you!

Tissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora Collection

Lets talk a little about these sexy straps. As you have probably noticed, all of the Tissot Bella Ora Collection has unique straps that compliment the design perfectly! Personally, I have fallen in love with the gorgeous Embossed cow leather black and beige synthetic strap (second from the right). It really fits in perfectly with 2018 fashion. It adds that modern appeal to your look. The way the watch combines with the stunning gold; roman numeral casing and dials does not take away from the exotic strap but compliments it perfectly. The Tissot Bella Ora collection also comes in many other delicious straps. Such as, simple coloured leather in red; pink; beige and classic brown. Silver and Gold make a huge appearance in this collection. Even teaming up to create a stunning two-toned watch. The straps within this collection are crafted with fashion in mind.

Tissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora Collection

Finally, this stunning collection nails every last detail, down to the very last tick… The hands of these watches are fierce. With pointed triangular edges, some of them joined together with a bolt in the same metallic material. Others are overlapping each other giving them a futuristic feeling.

The Tissot Bella Ora collection, is a combination of timeless elegant style with a bohemian edge. The simplicity and oval dial faces make them perfect for any day, occasion and event.

Tissot Bella Ora Collection- Protezione specail.

Tissot Bella Ora Collection

This stunning collection of Tissot Bella Ora watches all include some very useful special protection and features. They are all made with the best Swiss craftsmanship and come with a two year guarantee. Meaning that they and you are protected all the time.

The majority of them come with a stainless steel casing, and scratch resistant Sapphire Glass. So for all of you mums out there, this watch is perfect at holding its own around your tiny tots!

They are as reliable as they are fashionable, because they are powered by Swiss Quartz movement (for those of you beautiful readers that don’t speak watch, this means really really good). Finally, they are water resistant so perfect for those English Summers, or days out on the beach.

Tissot Bella Ora Collection- Moderno retroTissot Bella Ora Collection

This collection is  perfect for day-to-night accessorising. Being inspired by classic elegance, and a modern Bohemian style allows this transition. So why not dress to impress, with this stunning new accessory? Here is a quick guide on pairing your new Tissot Bella Ora Collection watch with some stunning fashion that is in right now!

Tissot Bella Ora Collection- Casual Bohemian Fashion.

Bohemian style is anything artistic and unique, ranging from a typical bohemian seventies hippie inspired look, to a  more modern edgy take on the style.

Tissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora Collection

If you are a beautiful lady who loves the classic Bohemian Fashion. Then your wardrobe is probably full of long Kimonos and denim attire. Every time the sunshine is out you completely rock that alternative summer look. Pair your stunning style with a Bella Ora watch with a bold leather strap in bright colours, such as red or blue (as can be seen above).

Tissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora Collection

Bright colours are also a huge part of  Bohemian Fashion! If you love your bright yellows, powerful purples and baby blues, why not add a equally bright watch to your look? Go gold or pink to tie that fabulous outfit together. These watches also look gorgeous with typical bohemian large summer hats; interesting necklaces and statement bags.

Tissot Bella Ora Collection- Evening Bohemian Fashion.

Tissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora Collection

Bohemian evening wear only became a massive hit a few years ago, when the icons of fashion brought it too there runways! Stephane Rolland hitting the runway in 2012. Ella Saab bringing the Bohemian edge, evening wear to Paris Fashion week was just the Beginning of this alternative style.

Tissot Bella Ora Collection will pair beautifully with this Bohemian evening look. All of those fabulous events you have, where you want to wow everyone! Go all over black for that seductive feeling, the combination of whatever colour you wear with the black will give it a powerful edge.

Or go silver for more of a softer Bohemian evening look, the silver with a different dial colour, this will support your evening attire and not overpower the dress. If you are wearing light and pastels this is the watch for you.

Tissot Bella Ora Collection- Casual Elegant Fashion.

Tissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora Collection

If you are more of a sophisticated lady, and are not really one for the Bohemian Fashion trend then this collection also offers some classic elegant looks.  Roman numerals with a simple strap in a classic shade, will look gorgeous with all your powerful outfits. Try a original brown leather strap,, or a basic silver watch, with a clean and simple white dial to complete your striking, yet casual look.

Tissot Bella Ora Collection- Evening Elegant Fashion.

Tissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora Collection

For a elegant evening look, why not accessories that stunning dress you have been excited to wear with a simple yet powerful watch. The gold will work just as well with elegant evening wear as it will with Bohemian. Adding that smooth finish and eye catching appeal. Or go silver with a numberless dial face and a small yet spacious design for that effortless beauty.

Tissot Bella Ora Collection- Elegant Bohemian Casual.

The amazing thing about this collection is that it is inspired by both of these flawless styles. So why not take a leaf out of TIssot’s book, and combine these looks together? Take an elegant day dress and add some Bohemian accessories, like tassels or a long Kimono? Or accessories a bohemian outfit with elegant and simple jewellery, bags and shoes. This casual look is brilliant and which ever way you dress it, your outfit will be runway ready in no time.

Tissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora Collection

So, if you are thinking about experimenting with this new, hot look. Then start of with a watch. This embossed leather strap and gold casing with sophisticated roman numerals, is the perfect combination of elegant and bohemian.

Tissot Bella Ora Collection- Elegant Bohemian Evening.

For an evening look why not combine a stunning evening dress with some edgy accessories, you will still have that princess feeling just combined with a fashionistas edge.

Tissot Bella Ora CollectionTissot Bella Ora Collection

Two-tone silver and gold is the only way to go. This classically styled watch with a metallic finish; a clear dial and them sophisticate roman numerals will compliment perfectly. Your look will be made unique and flawless, with this combination of gold and silver weaving around each other. This beautiful watch is the perfect evening attire. And, unlike that special evening gown, you never have to take it off. Making everyday a specail occasion.

The Tissot Bella Ora Collection is a perfect addition to any beautiful ladies life. With specail features; fine Swiss craftsmanship and some stunning colours and patterns, what are you waiting for? Complete your look today!

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