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Alsta Surf N Ski Limited Edition

Alsta Surf N Ski

The Alsta Surf N Ski, the latest model from Alsta, following the huge success of the Nautoscaph II.

The Alsta Surf N Ski was the obvious choice for the next watch from the brand. The Nautoscaph II proved to be a resounding success following its release last year, this watch was first popularised in the 1975 classic movie Jaws when it was seen on the wrist of oceanographer Matt Hooper played by Richard Dreyfuss.

The Nautoscaph II is still available, and in stock in store and online, take a look here.


The latest from Alsta, the Surf N Ski, pays homage to the original Surf N Ski, targeted at the wrists of the glamorous ski crowds of Aspen and St Moritz and the Californian surf scene. The result of Alsta’s attention to detail, and continued dedication to creating the best time pieces possible, leaves us with a a beautifully designed, and expertly crafted wrist watch that perfectly recreates the same romance and charm of the original, whilst giving a modern day spin on the classic. Swapping out the 33mm case for a much more contemporary 40mm is just one of the ways that this model has been updated to fit the consumers of today’s market.

Alsta Surf N Ski watch

The Brand new Limited Edition Alsta Surf N Ski can be purchased here.

This latest model is manufactured and assembled in Switzerland and Germany, and features a Japanese Seiko movement, with the focus being on quality engineering, manufacture and design, as is always the hallmark of an Alsta watch. As like all Alsta watches, the Surf N Ski has been produced to the highest of tolerances, and has been designed as an outdoors watch that is styled to be worn on any occasion.

Alsta timepieces are made to be robust and withstand the pressures of the ocean floor, the knocks of climbing or descending the highest peaks, the vibrations and shocks of racing on the water, snow or track.


A unidirectional bezel sits around the dial of this dive watch, removing any risk of it being turned accidentally whilst under water. The original version of the Surf N Ski was water resistant up to 666ft, so in order to recreate the eccentric nature of this, Alsta have produced the 2018 model to be waterproof to 999ft, or 300m (29ATM) just as the Nautoscaph II was.

The Alsta Surf N Ski was created and tested to be anti-magnetic to a field strength of 4,800 A/m (ISO 764 compliant) and shock-resistant to an ISO of 1413 standard which should prove to be sufficient for any knocks endured during adventures on the snow, the ice or waves.

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