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Maurice Lacroix Aikon Exclusives


Swiss watchmakers, Maurice Lacroix, have released 4 brand new online exclusive watches from their flagship Aikon collection, all of which you can purchase from First Class Watches right now. Shop all of our Maurice lacroix Aikon collection here.

The exclusive collection is available for e-commerce only, and includes three special edition Maurice Lacroix Aikon quartz chronograph models that definitely stand out from the crowd, along with a stunning limited edition Aikon quartz, limited to 500 pieces, featuring an eye catching bronze case. Only being available from e-commerce retailers increases the exclusivity of these watches, making them all the more special. These are some of our favourite Maurice Lacroix Aikon watches released to date, and they are really putting a new style and look on the collection.

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Exclusives

Maurice Lacroix Aikon

This all black edition of the Aikon is one of our favourites to date, its subtle design cues allow it to be worn with any outfit, yet still stand out due to the same reasons. It’s not so often that you see a luxury watch coloured all black, but Maurice Lacroix have gone for it here, and it’s paid off!




A slight variation on the all black version show before, this model has more tones of grey and black combined, but also has the slight accent of orange just to make this watch pop. This is definitely a watch you need to see in person, just to see the way that all the different tones, and the splash of colour work together to create a fantastic time piece.




A unique watch from the Maurice Lacroix Aikon collection, and very interesting design. The main highlight for this model is the denim strap that it features. The case is a pretty standard, yet fantastic nonetheless, Aikon chrono, but then the denim strap changes the look of the whole piece elevating it to being a special watch worth checking out.




Bronze is in, and this limited edition piece pulls it off perfectly. Limited to 500 pieces, this is the most exclusive, of the exclusives. Don’t wait around with this watch as it is expected to be a popular model!



Don’t forget to check out the latest in the Maurice Lacroix Aikon range in the form of the #CHASEYOURWATCH Limited Edition, which is a truly stunning model, and a fantastic limited piece for anyone to own.



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