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Filippo Loreti – Exquisitely crafted for elegance that lasts

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Filippo Loreti is a crowdfunded timepiece project which managed to reach the top 20 biggest Kickstarter campaigns ever and the most successful timepiece crowdfunding project that Kickstarter have ever seen.

So how did this Luxury watch brand manage to break two world records, start up a watch company from scratch and cause such a stir in the luxury watch industry in just under three years? To find out we have to take a journey to 2015 when two brothers named Danielius and Matas Jakutis we’re out shopping for new watches in Milan.

Danielius and Matas Jakutis - filippo loreti

Whilst shopping for new timepieces the two Jakutis brothers found that watch prices were exceptionally higher than they imagined that it would to produce these timepieces. Danielius and Matas decided to do some research into the watch market both online and in-store to see just what kind of markup the retailers as well as the brands themselves were making on the timepieces they were selling. Their findings were pretty interesting…

Filippo LoretiThe Jakutis brothers worked out that in order to cover the cost of the watches distribution, wholesaler markup, retailer markup and any marketing campaigns that any of these companies may run the luxury brand watch has to be sold on average for a price in between 10-40 times higher than the cost of its manufacture.

They also found that each time the luxury watch trades hands the price of it increases and as this goes from 1, 2, 3 or even more different companies you could end up paying up to 1000% more than its manufacturing cost.

Take a look at the last luxury watch you brought, that specific watch might have only cost the manufacturer £100 or maybe even less in materials and labour costs to produce, however the price tag on the watch when you brought it was probably more likely to be over £2,000. This kind of markup on pricing for watches has reportedly been going on for decades, customers had to choose to either pay the inflated price tag for a watch of premium quality of be forced to buy a less costly timepiece and risk it having a poor build quality of low quality materials.

But that’s all about to change…

Filippo Loreti Rome Black

It was in 2015 that Filippo Loreti launched their record breaking crowdfunding campaigns. They managed to raise a staggering $10,000,000, which mean they could start creating and designing their exquisite timepieces to eager consumers in every corner of the globe. Due to the brands ethos, it was important for them to create watches which were fair and honest prices, and thats just what they did, creating iconic, limited edition watches that were inspired by some of the best Italian architecture, produced by the brand and sold directly to the consumer.

Individuality is a strength that Filippo Loreti’s watches allure with every colour, curve, angle right to the very last detail. These statement timepieces can be styled to each individual look and style choice, encouraging the wearer’s self expression. They appeal to a vast audience and are co-developed with community of the brand which results in timepieces that are not only luxury in style and material but a product which is engaging with millennials; their desire surrounding thoughtful design, establishing excellent quality and overwhelming devotion to creating a connection with the youth.

As a consumer, you are spoilt for choice with their three signature series: Venice Series, Rome Series and the Automatic Series. Their classic collections range from the traditional battery powered watches to sophisticated automatic watches which are powered by the kinetic energy of your hand movement.


Venice Quartz Series

The Venice series has been inspired by the glorious architecture of the city, specifically the incredible building that is St Mark’s Basilica (Basilica di San Marco). This grand building actually started out its life as a modest building back in the year 828. Over the centuries that followed the buildings fantastic interior started to become covered with opulent gold mosaics that take viewers on a immersive visual journey showcasing biblical stories that are amplified by the breathtaking iridescent effects of the mosaics themselves.

The whole of St Mark’s Basilica has been decorated with incredible detail from its walls and columns to the roof and floor the buildings architecture truly is a masterpiece that really secured St Mark’s Basilica as one of the main symbols of the Republic of Venice’s wealth and power.

The luxurious feel of this building comes from the planning that has gone into the choices of materials and colour that Filippo Loreti have based the Venice series of timepieces on this illustrious Basilica.

Venice Collection Caseback

On the case back of all the Filippo Loreti watches is a custom engraved image of a famous landmark from that city. For Venice it is of course the luxurious St Mark’s Basilica, what better tribute could this luxury watch brand pay to the city of Venice than to put its biggest landmark on the case back of the watches within this collection.

Filippo Loreti - Rome series

Rome Quartz Series

Often referred to as the masterwork of urban planning, is a square that managed to reshape the the Capitoline Hill of Rome into the incredible civic plaza we know of today which thousands of tourists visit each and every year. Of course it has to be the inspiring Piazza del Campidoglio.

The whole square was designed by the one and only Michelangelo, one of the most prestige Renaissance artists of his time, he put a lot of thought into how he would position the Roman government buildings so as to make a dynamic piazza.

The bold geometric rosette which unifies the inspiring landscape of the elliptical courtyard captivated us, as evidenced in the compelling design of the dial pattern for our new Rome series of timepieces. – Danielius and Matas

There is so much inspiration to be taken from this piazza, the buildings, the columns and the incredible rosette on the floor. Filippo Loreti have designed a wonderful dial which really encapsulates the Piazza del Campidoglio and the vision of Michelangelo.

Automatic Series

Filippo Loreti announced that they we’re going to be releasing a series of automatic watches that had been designed and manufactured by highly skilled watchmakers who were experts in their fields. The movements within these timepieces contain the most intricate series of components that have been manufactured to sure a high grade of precision. These tiny parts work together to power the timepiece whilst it is on your wrist or on a watch winder.

Limited Edition Automatics

Filippo Loreti also designed three stand out pieces to draw the attention of collectors and wearers of unique timepieces.

Milano Black Red Automatic

First is a red and black automatic timepiece with a eye catching dial which really draws your attention. The caseback of the watch is transparent so as to showcase the incredible movement inside the watch as well as the 26 jewels.

The case of the watch is 42mm from edge to edge and is a slim 10mm thick, the watches case is made from an black IP plated stainless steel with glass manufactured from sapphire coated crystal which also has an anti scratch coating. The timepieces strap is made from genuine black Italian leather with an alligator pattern on the outer side.

The movement within the watch is a Miyota 9122 automatic with a 40 hour power reserve and 28,800 vibrations per hour. Other features of the watch include; 50 meter water resistance, day display, month display and date display.

It is limited to only 1641  and there is only 51 left in stock, so if you like the look of this watch then be sure to order one soon, the RRP of this watch is £429.00

Milano Deep Blue Automatic

Second is this stunning blue timepiece, the blue strap and dial combined with the diagonal lines and bevelled edge of the bezel really give the watch a nautical feel and with a water resistance of 50 metres is made to accompany you on any maiden voyage.

The watch is powered by a miyota 9122 automatic movement which is hand wound and contains 26 jewels. The watches movement also vibrates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and has a 40 hour power reserve from a full charge.

The timepieces buckle is a butterfly deployment clasp and really adds to the elegance of the watch as well as providing a fail safe security from the watch falling from your wrist. From one side to the other the watches case measured 42mm in diameter and 10mm in thickness which is a good size for the average wrist.

The watches beautiful dial and sub dials are protected by a sapphire coated crystal which has been treated with an anti-reflective coating to prevent scratches. The dial of the watch features a date display, day display, month display and normal clock hands.

This model is also limited edition and only 1641 have been manufactured, there is currently 57 of these left so if you’re interested then you better add it to your basket quick!

Venice Gold Automatic

What a stunning watch to end this post with! This beautiful classic timepiece is powered by an automatic miyota movement and is based on the breathtaking design of the Venice series.

This gold timepiece really appeals to everyone’s elegant side, the polished gold PVD plated bezel really indulges the wearer of this watch in sheer sophistication and style. The watch has all the same features; the day and date display, the month display and the beautiful moonphase. Perfect for wearing day or night.

The case diameter is 42mm so will fit nicely on your wrist and is only 10mm thick so is not too heavy to wear. The case is made from a stunningly finished polished gold PVD 316l stainless steel and the strap is manufactured from full grain dark brown genuine Italian leather with an alligator pattern finish to add to the sophisticated style of the timepiece.

Other key features of the watch include the day and date display, power indicator,month display and incredible moonphase which we love!

The timepiece was manufactured as a limited edition run of only 1641 and there are only 8 models of this watch left so if you are interested you really do need to act fast!


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