U-Boat – Italian Made Luxury Watches

U-Boat – Italian design by Italo Fontana

Every watch has its own story of inspiration and style. U-Boat watches stand out from the crowd. Large cases, left hand side crowns and bold unique design. The quality of materials chosen and the craftsmanship involved creates fantastic watches that are incredibly reliable and highly durable. Making them resistant to the most extreme climatic conditions.

U-Boat watches include Swiss movements, and each watch is produced one by one. Assembled by craftsmen at the brands headquarters in Lucca, Tuscany. The homeland of Italo and U-Boat. The majority of their timepieces feature advanced and unusual design/manufacture techniques and materials to create this elevated quality. Such as acid baths, carbon fibre,  tungsten and bronze, including the usual materials such as stainless steel, titanium , gold and silver too.

The case size of most of these watches means that they can be read at a glance, not being cluttered with horoscopes or lunar phases. Keeping the legibility of the dial as a main priority. Each watch has huge distinctive personality, with a prominent aesthetic that conveys a sense of discerning taste, confidence and power in perfect harmony.

U-boat diver

The name ‘U-Boat’ comes from the origins of the brand. Based on watches intended to be produced for Italian Navy pilots in 1942. This meant that the original watches had to be of the highest quality and durability, whilst being extremely precise and accurate. Traits that have most certainly been carried on through time. However, this project never actually materialized unfortunately. This meant that the grandson of Ilvo Fontana, who had originally been given this commision, Italo, took these designs and plans, and turned them into what is now known as U-Boat, along with his motto.

A New Dimension in Time – Italo Fontana

This was back in 2000. When Italo Fontana began designing his own watches using his grandfather’s designs as inspiration. For seven more years, he worked meticulously to produce watches with a new look. Handcrafted and characterised by their strong features and readability in all conditions with bold and distinctive design characteristics. Previously worn by the likes of David Beckham, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nicolas Cage, these watches bring a lot of prestige to the table.







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