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Women’s Glitter Watches

glitter watches

Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter from time to time. If I had my way, my wardrobe would be filled with various glittery items from my shoes to an evening jacket. I’m sure the question many people ask is where does glitter come from? And what is it made out of?

If we delve into the history of glitter, it actually dates back to the 14th century when the word was first used. Modern day glitter however was created in 1934, it’s process of creation was cutting up thin aluminium sheets into thousands of tiny pieces. If you think about it, glitter is one of those things you either love or you hate. There is only one occasion when I am not a fan of it (that is saying something) and that is on my birthday when I receive several cards full of glitter which goes all over me and the floor!

Since mythical creatures such as mermaids and unicorns became the height of fashion, the use of glitter has also been on the rise and this includes glitter watches. If you are looking for watch to satisfy you need for glitter accessories then stay tuned for our recommendations.

Glitter Watches

Glitter Fashion

Rotary Women’s Sparkle Glitter Dial Stainless Steel

Rotary Glitter Watches

The main feature of this Rotary watch is of course the glitter dial which has no markers for a minimalistic style as well as gold hands. The overall colour of this watch is silver stainless steel and is one of the more subtle models in our collection. The minimalist outset means that this glitter watch is perfect for sophisticated occasions and will match a variety of also glittering accessories.

Guess Women’s Stargazer Watch Black Dial Black Glitter Strap

Guess Glitter Watches

If you are looking for a watch which it covered in glitter but also unique in design then Guess have created the watch you have been searching for. The strap on this watch shows off a glittery flare as well as the dial of this watch. The dial also replicates the midnight sky and stars, perfect for those that enjoy star gazing.

Festina Ladies Watch With Swarovski Crystals Mesh Bracelet

Festina Glitter Watches

New to our stock here at First Class Watches, this Festina dark glitter watch will definitely catch the eye of your friends and family. If your fashion style revolves around making a statement then this accessory is well matched to you. The bracelet of this watch is the top of the watch trends at the moment as mesh bracelets are making regular appearances in many watch brands new models.


Diesel Women’s Castilla Rose Gold Bracelet Glitter Dial Watch

Diesel Glitter Watches

If silver is not your colour and you prefer the pinker shade of rose gold combined with a rose gold glitter dial then look no further. Rather than the entire dial of this watch be covered in glitter, the glitter instead surrounds the outer circle of the dial giving it a gradient effect. For a watch with more than one function, Diesel have also created a watch with glowing hands for optimal timekeeping in the dark.

Superdry Women’s Glitter Dial Purple Silicone Case & Strap

Superdry Glitter Watches

If the combination of glitter and colour is an accessory requirement for your wardrobe then our next recommendation from Superdry might be the watch for you. This watch comes in a rich purple with a dial which is not only glitter in style but a gradient of different shades of purple. This watch is made from a durable silicone which is the height of fashion for summer 2018.

If you made it this far then thank you for reading our post on women’s glitter watches. If you have any further enquires then please don’t hesitate to get in contact via our website, via phone on 01926298499 or alternatively if you are local to the west midlands then you can visit our watch shop based on the Kenilworth high street, happy shopping!

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