U-Boat Watches Official Stockist!

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Here at First Class Watches we are very proud to announce that we are now a U-Boat Watches Official Stockist! The luxury watches created by Italo Fontana are now available to purchase online and in store, just click here.

Each U-Boat watch features a fantastic Swiss movement. With each individual watch being produced produced one by one. Assembled by highly skilled craftsmen at the brands Tuscany headquarters in Lucca. The majority of their world renowned watches feature advanced and unusual design/manufacture techniques in order to produce a unique, high quality final product.

A New Dimension in Time – Italo Fontana

You can read more about the brand by clicking here.

U-Boat Watches Official Stockist


Now that we are a U-Boat Watches Official Stockist, we have had a chance to spend some time with the watches and get to know the brand, and instantly we have been able to pick out a couple of favourites that you have to see from the collection. First up is the Classico 45 GMT (8051) which has a fantastic feature that is extremely hard to find on a watch.

The dial is actually two different colours, in one light it is green, and in another light it is orange, and it actually works. We often see watches that claim to do certain things, but when it comes down to it we are left disappointed, but this is not the case here, the technology in this watch works just how it is meant to!

Take a closer look here!

As U-Boat Watches Official Stockist’s we have also been able to take a look at the U-42 Unicum which is just a stunning, unique watch. We had seen the pictures, but it just looks so much better in person! With its vintage stylish its look is so unique, and the way that the crown unlocks and swings around is something that really sets this watch apart from the rest. All the small details have been accounted for, with the strap being worn and engraved/printed with text giving it a mysterious feel. This is definitely one of our favorite watches right now!

Take a closer look here!

U-Boat Watches Official Stockist

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