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Watch World Cup – Panzera vs Sinn

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In this post we are taking a look at Australia vs Germany, Panzera vs Sinn. Check out all you need to know about our ‘Watch World Cup’ here before you head into the latest match-up! We look into the nations competing at Russia 2018 and the watch brands that are coming out of their country! Some watchmaking giants are put up against some of the smaller niche brands, to create some interesting matchups to look into! Take a look at our most recent post here!

aus vs germany Panzera vs Sinn

Australia vs Germany

One much more of an underdog than the other. Australia, a fan favourite, with legend Tim Cahill scoring ‘that goal’ in Brazil 4 years ago, they are a team full of surprises and the ability to cause an upset or two. Germany, on the other hand, are the reigning champions, and a true powerhouse in this competition. Not off to the best start however, with Mexico able to topple the giants early on. But do not rule Germany out. Mario Gotze scored the winning goal 4 years ago, but has not made it in to the team his year, with the likes of Özil, Kroos and Draxler getting in ahead of him. A team filled with depth, and skill, and a whole load of experience.

Tipped to win the whole thing by many, Germany will definately be one to watch this Summer as the competition develops. Australia too, haven’t had the best of starts, falling short to France, and bagging a draw against Denmark, with Peru left to play. Germany head in to games against South Korea and Sweden as they look to put their World Cup challenge back on the rails.

Panzera vs Sinn

Just like on the football pitch with Australia and Germany, these two watch making brands are very different. But it still remains that Panzera vs Sinn is a very interesting match up.

Panzera are a relatively new brand, formed in 2009, they are becoming experts at combining classic design, with modern interpretation. They look to capture the soul of classic watches, and incorporate contemporary features. You can read all about Panzera here.

Sinn, on the other hand, was founded in 1961, 48 years before panzera. The German brand aims to incorporate the latest technological advancements in their designs to create the best watches possible. This does not however, mean smartwatches, the technology rather refers to materials and productions techniques, including scratch resistance and shock resistance, making for watches that are extremely durable and therefore highly reliable. Find out more about these technologies, and tegimentation here.

Theses are two fantastic brands who are still innovating and developing in their own fields, creating watches for thousands of satisfied customers all around the world. Which one wins for you?

Panzera vs Sinn

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