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ChloBo: Their Brand and Collections

ChloBo Silver

As you may have read, we are now stocking ChloBo’s jewellery collection. If jewellery is an essential for your outfits then look no further, their collection offers a variety of different styles and looks which you can adapt to your unique wardrobe.

More about the brand…

ChloBo began back in 2005 when the founder Chloe Moss travels the globe, inspired by her journey, more specifically on her time in Bali. She begins crafting handmade bracelets in 2006, the designs inspired by her culture travels. On her return back to the UK, she began selling her new brand ChloBo in a retailer in Chester which is now the hometown of the brand. The brand took off in 2014 when A-list celebrities such as Elle Macpherson and Cheryl Cole started to wear the brand. In 2015, ChloBo begins to advertise nationally in magazines such as Grazia and Hello! and gradually start building a large following. Now ChloBo is stocked by 170 different retailers in the Uk & Ireland, some even branch out internationally, and we are pleased to be one of their retailers.

Fashion Styles

ChloBo’s jewellery range can be adapted to meet the needs of several different fashion styles however there are some trending styles which the brand are tailored to. The first being a bohemian style. Boho fashion as it is also know mixes metals, textures and stones for a layered look, it is certainly a style that stands out from the crowd. Another look which is well suited to their style is leathers & denim for more of an edgy look. If your wardrobe features clothing that has more of a grunge look then there are also a selection of pieces that are well fitting. If that wasn’t enough and you consider yourself more of a glamour girl then ChloBo definitely have a selection of pieces that will work with your glamorous lifestyle.

When it comes to picked out jewellery, there are several elements to consider, the first being what colour jewellery suits your existing accessories?

If you are a silver kind of girl then there are a fine selection of highly polished bracelets, rings and necklaces to choose from.

ChloBo Silver

On the other hand if rose gold is your preferred colour then we stock a variety of bracelets and necklaces which might take your fancy.

Rose gold ChloBo

Alternatively, if you can’t decide which colour is best for your wardrobe then fear not they also have a selection of mixed metal pieces which means you can wear and style their jewellery with a variety of different accessories of your own.

Mixed metals ChloBo

If you have any further question about ChloBo then please don’t hesitate to get into contact via our website or via phone on 01926298499, happy shopping!


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