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Certina Watches – A Brand To Count On

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Certina watches are well-known for their precision, reliability and sporty character. The sport-watch brand has built itself a solid international reputation on quality Swiss workmanship, over its 130-year history

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The DS Concept certina watches


  1. Sapphire crystal (extremely scratch-resistant)
  2. O-ring seal on the setting stem
  3. Two O-ring seals on the crown
  4. Special seal in the case back
  5. Reinforced case back

Since 1959, the DS, Double Security, Concept has symbolised the uncompromising requirements of the Certina sport watch brand. It makes the timepieces extraordinarily robust, adding another layer of safety and protection. The genius behind the DS concept lies in the elaborate security features that the brand have included. They have made sure that all parts of the watch are covered so that there is no weak links for potential damage etc. From the scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass to the complicated system of seals on the setting stem and crown. This makes the DS concept integral to all Certina watches, sporty, casual or elegant, all watches benefit from the added security. This philosophy of utmost reliability is reflected in the symbol of the turtle shell, Certina’s brand logo which can be found on each timepiece.

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Many of Certina’s watches come with an official COSC Chronometer Certification. COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) are the renowned Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, who were founded in 1973, and is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. An independent public institution, COSC serves the Swiss art of watchmaking. A true recognition of precision, the COSC certification is considered, worldwide, to be the mark of an accurate, precise, high quality timepiece. You are actually able to see the results of your own Certina watches COSC here; ‘My COSC Results

Certina, as one of the most highly recognised sports watch brands in the world, have a number of different partnerships, one of which being with the GT4 racing championship, which you can read all about here; GT4 Partnership

As you will find out in the info graphic below, Certina’s Urban collection is one of their most popular, the collection offers sports luxury designs, a combination that has worked so well for the brand. Urban fashion is huge right now, and as one of the most popular styles is so so important top have the perfect watch to match. The Urban collection will offer you a classy dress watch, that can be easily dressed up or down, whilst maintaining that luxury Swiss feel that we all love so much, you can read more about the Urban collection here.

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