Can a Google Pixel Watch Topple the Apple Watch?

Apple have perhaps been the only company to jump from smartphones to smartwatches successfully. Part of this success could be put down to the fact that Apple developed both the device and the operating system it runs on. The Apple Watch runs smoothly and links up perfectly to Apple devices, working in a very similar fashion. Sony, Samsung and LG devices are good devices but they have not achieved commercial success like Apple – despite many of their smartwatches being released before Apple entered the market! Could Google produce the first Android smartwatch to be a commercial success?

The Google Pixel watch is a rumoured wearable which will feature as part of the Google Pixel collection of devices. Google have usually been known for producing the software and leaving the hardware to other companies. But in recent years Google have taken the production of top quality smartphones in house – and this new smartwatch could be Google’s answer to the Apple Watch. Today we will see whether a Google Pixel watch can topple the Apple Watch!

The Rumoured Google Pixel Watch

It’s difficult to see how Google could produce a watch which brings something completely new to the table. There are a huge range of different watches from electronics manufacturers, fitness brands and watchmaker who offer a different take on the smartwatch. Many of these watches also use Android Wear (or Wear OS as it is now known) as the software inside their smartwatch, so how can the Google Pixel stand out?

In fairness to Google, they are a company who, to borrow one of Apple’s slogans, think differently. The Google Pixel stepped into a crowded market of smartphones and have been clever enough to find a different sales angle to produce an ultra successful device. Although Google have had experience in producing smartphones before, partnering with other manufacturers to produce the Nexus range. This step into the world of smartwatches is going to be a step into the unknown, with competition from both the Apple Watch 4 and the Samsung Gear S4 this year.

How could the Google Pixel Watch Topple the Apple Watch

The Google Pixel 2 found itself capable of overcoming the competition by using the most up to date hardware. It’s rumoured that the Google Pixel watch may feature the recently announced Qualcomm processor which would put it at the cutting edge of wearable technology. If the Pixel phone is anything to go by then the watch would include the top features from the most successful smartwatches. A top quality display, NFC and LTE will all be must-haves if the Google Pixel watch is able to topple the Apple Watch.

The switch to the name “Wear OS” from Android Wear did not happen for the fun of it! One of the biggest reasons for this rebranding was the recent upgrades to the software which allowed Google smartwatches to link up with Apple devices. Android Wear devices were known to have limited or no connectivity with Apple devices but the latest upgrades to the software are very impressive. Wear OS software has improved to the point where you can link it to an Apple Watch and enjoy almost all the same features as you would with an Android phone. You can even download stand alone apps from Google Play, which was a big problem for Android Wear owners with iPhones in the past.

As Google continue to upgrade the software you will see even more exciting improvements to it’s link with iPhones. The only big feature missing at the moment is the lack of notifications from iMessages, but you do receive notifications for texts, emails and third-party apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat. You can also control Apple Music and dismissing notifications on your watch also dismisses them on your phone – which we never thought you’d see on an Android smartwatch.


The Google Pixel watch hasn’t been officially announced yet but the rumours indicate very strongly that it will be coming by the end of the year. And, if the Google Pixel 2 phone is anything to go by, the Google Pixel watch will really give the competition a run for their money.

Of course, nobody knows just what the Apple Watch 4 or other smartwatch manufacturers will be bringing to the table by the end of the year. But if you are a fan of smartwatches then the expected releases will make 2018 the most exciting year for smartwatch releases in a long time. If you are as excited as we are then you will want to keep right up to date on all of the latest news right here at First Class Watches!

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