Matias Varela Joins Kronaby

Kronaby Matias Varela

Best known for his role in the Netflix series Narco’s Matias Varela has been recently announced as the newly appointed brand ambassador for Kronaby Watches. The Swedish watch brand Kronaby has a slogan of Connected. Not distracted. The brand believes that screen and displays can often make you miss out of the real quality moments in life and want to make that a thing of the past. Their watches are entirely designed for the modern lifestyle whilst removing everything modern that can is a distraction. Why do you need a screen to pop up and tell you a preview of your text when you can receive a small buss to your wrist watch letting you know that you’ve got a text. What they want to get across in their watches is that you don’t need to miss out on the precious moments in life and can do this whilst still staying connected.

Matias Varela is more than use to the stresses of modern life and the challenges every day can bring. Being a pretty popular actor comes with a lot of time management stresses as well as a digital overload of notifications, emails, comments, likes and more.

“Dividing my time between acting jobs in Hollywood and Europe and family life in Stockholm, it is easy to become hyper-connected, over-stimulated, distracted and alienated from the things that really matter. I want to be present in the moment.”

For Matias the Kronaby watch works wonders in his day to day life, he no longer has to worry about the constant distractions and only receives notifications from the people that matter when it matters most.

“My Kronaby filters all my incoming calls and messages, notifying me of the important ones. I also rely on the Auto Time Zone feature, which keeps track of the local time no matter how many time zones I cross. My Kronaby is fundamental in helping me achieve a more mindful approach to life.”

Matias has two favourite models from Kronaby that he would recommend to the first time Kronaby buyer, the first is the Kronaby Sekel A1000-3119 which has a stunning blue gradient dial and the second is the Kronaby Apex A1000-1426 which has a bold black dial.

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