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Women’s Vegan-Friendly Watches

Veganuary has been celebrated for years and was officially launched in the UK in 2014. It is a time that many people come together to try the vegan diet for a month, not only experimenting with their diet but also lifestyle changes. Veganism is a lifestyle choice which is exclusively plant-based, including the exclusion of leather, wool and other products which are derived from animals.

Although for some Veganuary is an experiment to see how beneficial the diet is for the individual, others decide it is a lifestyle they would like to stick too, therefore, for all of the new vegans out there or for those interested, here are some vegan-friendly watches as well as watches friendly to the environment.

wewood wooden ladies watch

WeWood Women’s Criss Beige Wooden Strap

This uniquely coloured model is made from 100% natural maple wood. Maple wood is typically used to make furniture, flooring and also musical instruments. It fashions a cream coloured strap and case with gold roman numerals and markers for a sophisticated gleam. This watch not only looked stylish, it is made from vegan-friendly material and also saves the environment, for every watch bought WeWood plants a tree. If you would like to save the planet whilst also accessorising then this might be the perfect fit for you.

Product code: 70210200

Citizen Womans Eco-Drive Silver Chandler

Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Silver Chandler

If you like a watch which not only looks stylish but is also low maintenance then this watch might just be for you. It is powered by Citizen eco-drive technology which is sourced from both indoor and outdoor light which means the battery never needs to be changed, another plus for environmentalists. This stainless steel silver case and the strap is highly polished and combined with a simple grey dial which also functions date display. This model is good for everyday wear and is also water resistant up to 50 metres, so you don’t have to panic if you forget to take it off before you go for a swim!

Product code: EW2440-53A

WeWood Womens Criss Army

WeWood Womens Criss Army Wooden Strap

For our third and final choice, we have chosen another model by WeWood which features a darker verawood. The Verawood tree is used for healing remedies, to help with conditions such as arthritis. In the first 3 months of this eco-friendly brand, they managed to plant over 5000 trees in American forests so you can see that the different purchasing a watch like this can have. It shows off a simple dial with glowing hands and gold Roman numerals.

Product code: 70210100

What are your thoughts on vegan-friendly watches? Let us know in the comments below!

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