Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Auto

hamilton frogman watch

Hamilton originally created this collection of robust timepieces for the US naval “Frogmen” teams and the design even featured in a movie from 1951 named ‘The Frogmen’. It was built with the specification of being able to meet the high demands of working correctly and reliably underwater. All of the models feature a titanium case and a red, black or blue aluminium rotating bezel plus the watches are also water-resistant up to 100 bar / 1000 meters.

This was the first watch of Hamiltons which was features in a film, something which the brand has now become a leader in. The international brand also has a lot of roots in its military reputation which incredibly dates back to World War I and II when Hamilton equipped the American military. Nowadays if you fast forward to 2017 and the Frogman collection have developed somewhat into a more rugged slightly sporty model.  The new Frogman models have an aggressive side to them with a much more technical look which helps to sync the style and function together which leads to some stunning combinations. The Frogman collection has its own ambassador who is world-renowned free diver Pierre Frolla. The watches have each been fitted with an essential and also aesthetically pleasing crown-protection device which has been inspired by its 1951 ancestor with its inimitable military canteen design.

frogman 2017 new models

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