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The 10th of May saw a full moon, this month known as the full flower moon, when the sun, earth and moon align. The origin of the name ‘flower moon’ is derived from native american and colonial times and enabled tribes to keep track of the seasons, the flower moon represented an increase in fertility due to the increase in temperatures. For thousands of years, indicated by paintings created by cavemen 15,000 years ago the cycle of the moon has been recorded.

Today the celestial wonder in the sky is still being captured by writers, painters and even watchmakers who have created moon phase watches.

The purpose of timekeeping was born from a desire for man to be able to make sense of the sun’s movements, the moon and the constellations. Early horologists evolved the sundial to gears and hands and it was at this time that they tracked the lunar cycle. The reason this was an important discovery was due to the fact that although the sun dictates the days and the seasons, the moon was the first method of telling the months of the year.

Any function on a watch beyond telling the time is called a complication due to the addition of new gears and linkages even for something that might be as simple as adding a date display, however the moon phase is both a whimsical and artistic complication. If you are interested in the moonphase watch we have a few recommendations for both men and women.

Moonphase Watches for Men

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This is an exquisite watch created by Henry London which styles a gold stainless steel bracelet and a matching case, finished with a champagne dial. This watch not only displays the moonphase but also features date display, glowing hands and is aimed at those looking for not only a stylish watch but an affordable one. You can buy the gold one here and the rose gold one here.

moonphase watches rotary


This handsome watch features a gold plated case with a bold leather strap. This timepiece also has crystal scratch resistant glass and is impressively 100M water resistant. As watches go this Rotary moonphase watch comes with many complications as it also has date and day subdials on a white dial. If you are looking for a watch which has many functionalities and that is also very affordable this is the timepiece to add to your collection.

Moonphase Watches for Women


One of Frederique Constant’s stunning timepieces which features a blue dial, silver hands and diamond hour markers. The navy blue dial complements the moonphase feature, representing the night sky, excellently finished with diamonds which also convey the stars. These watches are put together manually in Geneve Europe, a region for quality swiss made watches. Not only does this watch display sophisticated style but also functionally and is perfect for someone who enjoys exquisite taste.

moonphase watches rotary


This is a smart-casual watch which is suitable for both formal and informal events. Rotary are known for their roman numerals which display a bold finish with a white leather strap and sparkling bezel silver dial. This is a timepiece that never fails to impress with its unique features and moonphase functionality. We stock all the watches featured in this article at First Class Watches, if you have any questions regarding these exquisite timepieces please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone 01926 298499 or via our website, happy shopping!

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