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Why Watches Make Great Accessories for Women

fashion as an accessory

What do we wear watches? Timekeeping has been around for centuries. With the growth of new technology, the need of watches has changed as we can turn to our phone to check the time. The watch market is growing with technology as now watches can do more than just tell the time. An example of the new complications a watch can feature is the ability to track the lunar cycle with a moon phase function, they can be solar powered, automatic, track your fitness and even connect to your smart phone. The list of new functions and capabilities is endless, but the real question is, how does this apply to us girls?

Some girls really do care about the functionality of our products looking for specific needs at the gym as well as ease of access when you are out and about, for others, the main focus of finding a watch can be due to the look it provides, how it can be up to date and fashionable. Why do watches make great accessories for girls?


The first point we have touched on already, the focus of looking good. If you are a fashion orientated girl with a need to keep up to date and on time, a watch can make a great accessory. Now that the watch market is expanding at a phenomenal level, there are so many different brands and styles to choose from. This means that you can pick a watch which is well suited to your style so that it is unique to you. Your style is down to the clothes in your wardrobe but also your collection of jewellery, watches can look great styled with different bangles and bracelets.

If you prefer a more elegant style Michel Herbelin offer a range of luxury timepieces to add to your attire. They are highly polished in both their function and style, a brand with French origins. Alternatively you might be looking for a more dated style, we also have a selection of vintage styled watched here at First Class Watches, perhaps Cath Kidston timepieces point you in the right vintage direction with her iconic polka dot themes. You might have a wardrobe filled with clothes of many different styles, all the more reason to build up a collection which mirrors your wardrobe for every look and occasion.

Occasions and Events

occasion or event

That brings us on to our next point, occasions. Watches have many different complications, so that they can thrive in different situations. An example of this is water resistance. Perhaps you intend on going on a beach holiday, where you will be relaxing by the pool and going for occasional swim in the sea. So that you don’t have to worry about damaging your accessories, you can find a watch to fit the occasion so you don’t have to take it off every-time you want to go in the water.

Functionality is not the only element that matters in terms of occasion. Watches have so many different styles, both formal and informal, you can pick a model which suits the occasion. If you are going to a formal dinner a watch as an accessory can add to your intelligent and sophisticated aura. Alternatively, you might also be looking for a time piece you can take with you on the go. If you are an active girl with a passion to be fit, a watch can help in your training process, keeping track of your moves and progress, Polar offer a selection of fitness watches which have the ability to track your heart rate amongst other qualities.



There aren’t many occasions when you can’t use your phone in this day and age, however, these occasions, much to your disbelief are still instances that can occur. For some of us workaholics, a phone is not a friendly piece of equipment in a work environment as they present distractions during the work day. There has never been a better time to have a watch on your wrist so that rather than being posed with distractions on your phone you can simply flick your wrist for optimum timekeeping. Another one of these occasions is driving.

Using your phone when driving is a big no no, and if it’s in your pocket then is can be a rather long task to retrieve it. Having a wrist watch is much more convenient and time saving, not to mention looks good on your wrist. As it was mentioned briefly in our introduction, watches also now have functions that help with the battery. If you are a no fuss kind of girl, you might not want a watch which is high maintenance. Changing the battery is part of the up keep of some model but can be avoided if you purchase from brands such as Citizen, Junghans, and Seiko for example. These brands are either powered by eco-drive technology which means the battery is solar powered by both indoor and outdoor light sources or powered kinetically (the movement of you wrist in day to day activities).

If you are not familiar with eco-drive technology then here is a short video explaining the functions and benefits:

Telling the time is an age old practise and watches, although they don’t seem to have many uses in our modern society with the growth of new technology, still have a place on our wrist, day to day. If you are looking for a new watch for fashion purposes or functionality purposes then please don’t hesitate to get in contact via our website or via phone on 01926298499.

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