Month: March 2015

Rolex Day-Date 30

Baselworld Day 7: Most Innovative Water Resistant Watch Ever and Presidents Day-Date Watch!

There are only 2 more days of Baselworld left and what...

Baselworld Day 5: Fabergé Egg, Djokovic Special Edition and the $40 Million Watch

So we’re on to Baselworld day 5, at the end of...
Co-Axial Master Chronometer

Baselworld Day 4: Insight Into the Fastest Growing Watch Company and 2 New Unveilings

After a few exciting opening days at Baselworld 2015, things slowed...
Grand Seiko 62GS Historical Collection

Baselworld Day 2: A Chat With Seiko’s CEO and the Billionaire Watch

A Baselworld reporter got the rare chance to talk to Shinji...

Baselworld Day 1: GPS Watch, Cristiano Ronaldo and Google!

So Baselworld 2015 is here (think Kevin Costner’s Waterworld but more...